Nan Merrill

April 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 4)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Blessings in the Oneness of the Silence, dear friends!As we come to know that we, all of us, are unconditionally loved by the Beloved of all hearts, we may begin to sense our shared Oneness with Love ... As we come to understand that there is but One Mind that each of us participates in, a Universal Consciousness, we may begin to sense our Oneness with All. Everyone has been aware of eternal moments be they in nature, in a child's birth, in listening to sublime music, in glimpses of wonder, or in the sudden sense of Presence with us: each a Hint of heaven here on earth, of our own consciousness being expanded out into the Infinity of Oneness that we are. Fear and all its companions have no home here: Love is all there is.

One with All

O, Blessed Peacemaker
You make your Home in our hearts
as Loving Companion Presence.
With unreserved, radical trust,
our path is made sure.
Bonded in Love, we become empowered
to serve with mercy and justice:
One with You…
One with All.
Blessed are You, O Life of our lives.

~ from LUMEN CHRISTI, HOLY WISDOM by Nan Merrill

March 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 3)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Spring greetings, dear friends!May the March winds blow many blessings into your lives! LISTEN in the Silence to a new world Awakening. With so much negativity seeming to cover our Earth home, it's all too easy for us to become discouraged or apathetic. We may not notice millions of our sisters and brothers around the globe who are in harmony with our aspirations and intentions to "peace the world" together. Light workers are networking ... peace and prayer groups are extending love, forgiveness, and hope ... and, notwithstanding the myriad outward news in the media, signs of Awakening and movement toward a just and more viable life for all are growing. As we focus our spiritual eyes and ears on this, as we listen to our heart's inner Voice of Love, we are blessed, we are peace-keepers. For, Love speaks in the hearts of those who become silent in order to LISTEN.

February 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 2)

 "Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Heartfelt warm blessings to you, dear friends of silence, dear friends of Love and Peace!

We are born to love; we are all One Love. To extend Love, we must express the Love we are. And the more we recognize and forgive all the hidden ego-fears that keep us seemingly separate and bound to the world's values, the more Love we are able to share with all. In the silence, we can question our values and ask of each one, "Is this an eternal value?"Extending universal, eternal values is Love and Peace in action.

January 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 1)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

NEW YEAR BLESSINGS, dear friends!As we celebrate our twentieth year of Friends of Silence, years of growing together in the Silence, let us take time to be still and listen for the Voice of the Blessed Spirit ever there to accompany us on the journey into Love.
Stillness is formed in the Silence from within where our souls are nourished and renewed.Wisdom, too, is born in the inner being as our minds, senses, and bodies are stilled in the Silence. More than ever, our homes, schools, work places, and even houses of worship … indeed, all of society, need to include times for stillness so that harmony and balance can develop.Imagine: just one individual radiating stillness of the heart can affect the world beyond measure. Be still ... And discover a great revelation: stillness in the Silence!

December 2006 (Vol. XIX, No. 11)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard? "

PEACE be with you, dear friends! And may the reality of Peace on Earth forall of humanity shine through the veils of illusion! To become the peace we yearn for is a double gift: we are blessed with an inner freedom that enlivens and energizes our souls . . . we, in turn, bless the Soul of the world in ways we cannot measure or imagine. As our thoughts, words, and actions reflect the peace of the great Peacemaker, we begin to build the Realm of Love here on Earth, our home.

Be not afraid. You are never alone. Listen in the Silence and know that Peace abides with and within you always. Peace! Peace! Peace!

O Blessed Peacemaker, You invite us to return

O Blessed Peacemaker, You invite us to return, to rest in You; for, in the Silence, we become strong; with utter trust, our way is made sure.

By the power of your Love, we pray: Enter our hearts to your Indwelling Presence. As we are still we come to know You.

Beloved of our hearts united with All, blessed are You,
O true Life of our lives: Lumen Christi . . . Holy Wisdom.

~ Nan Merrill

November 2006 (Vol. XIX, No. 10)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard? "

BLESSINGS OF THE SILENCE, dear friends! Silence is the deepest, clearest prayer we can offer our noisy, wounded planet today. Stilling the mind and basking in the silence of the heart is a healing balm for ourselves and radiates an active energy of peace out to the world. Our silence opens the door for creative potential to flourish and bloom and links us to the universe: a Oneness with which we come to appreciate. Be still and listen . . . Be open and know: Love and peace and understanding await us in the Silence along with blessings of the Mystery. Silent be and see!

October 2006 (Vol. XIX, No. 9)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard? "

HEARTFELT BLESSINGS, dear friends! As we spend time sitting and listening for the Voice of Silence, may we trust that our souls can plunge deeply into the inner well where truth dwells. There we may discover answers to our heart-concerns, our prayers, and insights to guide our way. May the harmony and balance of the elements, seasons, and music of the spheres ever be mirrored in our souls.

September 2006 (Vol. XIX, No. 8)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard? "

MAY BLESSINGS ABOUND, dear friends, in work, leisure, learning, sharing . . . as we move into the Autumn season. When we offer ourselves in service to humanity as co-creators with Love, all that we need in all aspects of life will emerge to assist in the inner and the outer work. May we ever be guided in all we do by the Voice heard in the Silence — Holy Wisdom.

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