Breath deeply!

Breathe deeply amidst the beauties of nature;
absorb vibrations unsullied by
pollution and cosmopolitan ways...
As you breathe in silence,
your ear attunes to Spirit.
You will understand the eagle.
Breathe deeply! Breathe life!

To love another

To love another is to see the face of the Beloved mirroring your own.

Help us to live in the eternal moment

As spring and summer follow
autumn and winter,
so our lives have their seasons.
Help us to live in the eternal moment,
awaiting your perfect timing
in all things.

Angels rejoice

Angels rejoice as we befriend their companioning presence.

Silence is power

In silence and solitude you will come to meet the Beloved of your heart. For Silence is power, the power of the Divine Lover blessing and transforming you. Seek always the Eternal Flame ever shining in your heart, and let yourself be nourished and refreshed in the Silence.

Living in accordance with the laws of Love

Blessed are those whose hands and heart
have maintained justice,
who have lived in accordance with
the laws of Love;
those faithful to Love Consciousness
will hear the good counsel, the
guidance of Wisdom in their hearts.
The fruits of integrity, justice,
sharing, and compassion
bear only blessing.

Light dwells deep within each of us

Light dwells deep within each of us
ready to radiate forth
as our will freely surrenders
in alignment with our soul's purpose.
We are here on Earth to lift and deepen
our own awareness and that of creation:
co-partners in the Divine Plan
for the divinization of all creation.
Seek within and find the Source
of Love and Light.
Shine in unity with all whose joy
is to co-birth as a light
in the world.