Windforest take our breath away

Windforest: take our breath away,
and return it to us refreshed
with the life you can give it.
Take it to the ends of the earth,
to nourish what you sustain,
And bring back what is offered you
there to sustain others.
Transform our breath so that new life
can be nurtured.

Soul of the living world

The Windforest is the giver and sustainer of the Rainforest's abundant life as well as the means by which the byproducts of living are universally shared. It is the conquerer of inanimate space and time, and it is the soul of the living world.

There are many truths that do not have a name

There are many truths that do not have a name. Truths do not need names. But we do. We notice truths with names much more easily than truths we have not yet named, and naming is a way of realizing a truth that we had not noticed before