Nan Merrill

October 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 9)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

May Blessings of the Mystery greet you in the Silence, dear friends! Sacred Mystery abides within us all. As we develop a deeper connection to the Infinite Source of Life, we learn to love the Mystery and trust the Process of its life in us. We become aware that wherever the journey leads, Divine Presence travels in us, through us, and with us amidst the joys, challenges, and diminishments in our lives. We are never alone! So in the Silence, may we make room in our hearts, minds, and souls for the Divine Mystery of all life to more consciously unfold in our lives ...

September 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 8)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be Heard?

Blessings, dear friends, in this time of seasonal change. As we return to autumn, may we be mindful of the cycle of work: you, the worker... the work itself... the tools used... the energy you offer... your intention... the result. Let all thoughts of competition go; seek to create calling on the company of the Heavenly Realm. Let the divine energy of Love work in and through you. You never work alone. And Silence helps every process to flow.

Blessed are you who work with goodness

Blessed are you
who work with goodness
who stand for the right
who live in truth.
For you come to know the Friend
who dwells in the secret room
of your heart.

You are like an acorn planted
in fertile soil
that grows into a mighty oak.
Your work blesses others,
you radiate love;
joy delights your heart.


July/August 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 7)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

May BLESSINGS OF INNER PEACE be with you, dear friends, as we journey together through this summer season. Wherever you may be, remember to rest in the Silence some time each day. Be mindful of Nature's summer dress and Her gifts freely offered, Her lessons freely given, for our well-being. This pilgrimage we travel through life will lead us along many different highways and byways; yet, the longest and deepest journey we make is the inward journey into the heart of Love. Travel safe ... travel well, dear companions along the way!

June 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 6)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

May BLESSINGS OF BEAUTY abound in your life, dear friends ... the simple beauty of a kind, random act of sharing ... the gentle beauty of early morning dew defining a spider's web ... the beauty of communal meditation in the Silence ... the terrible beauty of a great loving response to disaster ... the sacred beauty of unity in diversity ... the wondrous beauty of our Earth home from outer space. Pondering Beauty's gifts in the Silence can evoke a deeper appreciation of Her presence in your life. As Evelyn Underhill put it, "Beauty is reality seen with the eyes of Love. "

May 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 5)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

BLESSINGS OUT OF THE SILENCE, dear friends! FAITH is in recognizing Love's Will unfolding daily in our lives ... in the Silence ... in mysterious ways. In the depth of silence is hidden the Source of love, the Divine Guest, dwelling within every heart. Faith is the eye that unveils this sweet Treasure and illuminates its eternal love. Where is fear in such faith?Only love remains. Silent be ... and see.

Whatever-come-along faith is like leaves blowing in the winds

Whatever-come-along faith is like leaves
blowing in the winds, while

Giving one's power to worldly authority
is faith denied, a soul devoid of freedom.

Awakened faith lives by the Law written on each heart,
that hears and heeds the Voice of Silence.

One's own unique and authentic faith
becomes expressed with utter integrity in action.

Aspire to know the Truth that awakens
in the heart, the Truth that sets you free.

~ from LUMEN CHRISTI... HOLY WISDOM by Nan C. Merrill

April 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 4)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Blessings in the Oneness of the Silence, dear friends!As we come to know that we, all of us, are unconditionally loved by the Beloved of all hearts, we may begin to sense our shared Oneness with Love ... As we come to understand that there is but One Mind that each of us participates in, a Universal Consciousness, we may begin to sense our Oneness with All. Everyone has been aware of eternal moments be they in nature, in a child's birth, in listening to sublime music, in glimpses of wonder, or in the sudden sense of Presence with us: each a Hint of heaven here on earth, of our own consciousness being expanded out into the Infinity of Oneness that we are. Fear and all its companions have no home here: Love is all there is.

One with All

O, Blessed Peacemaker
You make your Home in our hearts
as Loving Companion Presence.
With unreserved, radical trust,
our path is made sure.
Bonded in Love, we become empowered
to serve with mercy and justice:
One with You…
One with All.
Blessed are You, O Life of our lives.

~ from LUMEN CHRISTI, HOLY WISDOM by Nan Merrill

March 2007 (Vol. XX, No. 3)

"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

Spring greetings, dear friends!May the March winds blow many blessings into your lives! LISTEN in the Silence to a new world Awakening. With so much negativity seeming to cover our Earth home, it's all too easy for us to become discouraged or apathetic. We may not notice millions of our sisters and brothers around the globe who are in harmony with our aspirations and intentions to "peace the world" together. Light workers are networking ... peace and prayer groups are extending love, forgiveness, and hope ... and, notwithstanding the myriad outward news in the media, signs of Awakening and movement toward a just and more viable life for all are growing. As we focus our spiritual eyes and ears on this, as we listen to our heart's inner Voice of Love, we are blessed, we are peace-keepers. For, Love speaks in the hearts of those who become silent in order to LISTEN.

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