Inhaling the breath of life

The first thing we did when we incarnated was inhale the breath of life. Enlightenment is that gap between inhale and exhale where we become so aware. Be where you have nothing to do…in the inner silence that takes us into deep inner wisdom. When we focus deep within, we allow our inner power to come forth — the great wisdom we carry at our depths and the knowledge of what is our own unique contribution to humanity. Then, being mindful of our breath takes us into the outer world with more awareness.

Where the peace and the healing will start

The grandmothers agree that personal healing is the essential first step toward healing the world. We need to strive for the peace of mind that has no price before we can realize peace on the planet, they say... . Deep within our hearts is where the peace and the healing will start. Surrender to Spirit. Be silent and listen to the guidance there.

We must return to the inner spirit and the spirit of all things

Spirituality's highest purpose is to touch a mystery beyond words, which is perceived only in silence and solitude. Listening within the silence puts one in touch with the energy, vibration, and spiritual forces that are at the heart of creation. The realms are real and can only be reached by a quiet mind and practice. The Grandmothers believe we must return to the inner spirit and the spirit of all things, which we have abandoned while looking elsewhere for happiness.