Thomas Hora

Oriented from moment to moment to what is in the timeless

God requires us to be oriented from moment to moment to what is in the timeless, and not to be stuck with our thoughts and fantasies of blaming and self-pity and the belief that the past is responsible for our present problems. What is needed is to understand life in the dimension of the timeless, where everything becomes meaningful and self-revealing.

~ from SELF-TRANSCENDENCE by Thomas Hora

In the realm of timelessness we discover God

In the realm of timelessness we discover God. If we have ever become aware of the moment when we understood something, we must have realized the extratemporal nature of the event. Extemporaneous means outside of time. Indeed, the gift of making extemporaneous comments hinges on our receptivity to inspired wisdom, reaching our consciousness from the realm of the timeless.

~ from BEYOND THE DREAM by Thomas Hora

Knowing that our work is a blessing

Spiritual self-esteem is gained from knowing that our work is a contribution and a blessing. Then we perform for the love of God with no thought of personal recognition... When our motivatlon for work is valid, the work will be spontaneous and creative.

~ from RIGHT USEFULNESS by Thomas Hora
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