The silence is magnificent and healing

The sun tries to come out. It is a true November morning--cold and grey, with hints of blue and white light in the sky, a haze over the hills and trees, the ground covered with wet leaves, the trees dead and barren except for the pines. ... I sit content, held in peace as if God is embracing me. The silence is magnificent and healing. I become a part of it--silent, calm, at peace. My soul is quieted.

What is the sound of listening

What is the sound of listening? A resonating silence, like the infinite fine line between a grey sky and the ocean, where the horizon cannot be distinguished. My soul blends into the silence around me. Into that silence comes a voice:

"I love you. Do not be afraid. I am with you. I give you my peace. You are always with me."

The words sound sweet and tender, gentler than any human voice.

"Blessed are you. Blessed are you. Blessed," says the silence.