BLESSINGS of a peace-filled heart be with you! For PEACE is a double blessing radiating inward as a life-giving force and radiating outward as gift to the world. Those silent spaces of the heart is where peace dwells and grows.

Divine peace has an inner and outer manifestation. Exteriorly, it manifests as fire, as zeal, as transformation, as death and rebirth. Interiorly, it manifests as silence, as knowledge, as joy, as union with the Beloved: a joy of union that is capable of communicating itself to others.

~ from "Zeal In Detachment" by Stratford Caldecott in "Parabola", Fall 1996
Stratford Caldecott Parabola peace

One little person giving all of her time to peace makes news. Many people giving some of their time to peace can make history.

~ from PEACE PILGRIM thanks to Pat Bennett
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We don't have peace within ourselves, and yet we talk about peace. When we bring peace to our inner self, then it will flow from us out to the people, to the world.

Pat Fisher Everyday Miracles In The House Of God peace Buy on Amazon

If you take time to listen, you will know that peace can be felt within. Peace is the flower of silence. It is deep acceptance of yourself and everyone. It is all inclusive. Reject one person, remain angry toward one person and you cannot feel your peace. You enter your peace when you leave all these thoughts and feelings of separation behind. Peace is there when judgment drops away. It opens its heart to you when words and thoughts cease.

~ from THE BRIDGE TO REALITY by Paul Ferrini
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Diversity is the world of form in all its infinite variety of textures, colors, contrasts, and differences. Not only are we different from each other, but everything is different from one moment to the next -- everything is change. We are all part of one single unity, but we're also very different. We can't do peacemaking in the world -- in fact, we can't do anything effective in the world -- without taking our differences into account.

~ from BEARING WITNESS by Bernie Glassman
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Peace is a force -- positive, purposeful, possessed of a definite and sure dynamic; there is no mistaking its presence and action. It touches the jangling thoughts of the human word "peace" spoken by one who is possessed of peace, releases a force whose movement tends to establish rhythmic harmony and restfulness. ... In all ways peace is good and produces good. It comes forth from "the tree of life -- and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."

~ from THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT by H.B. Jeffery
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The art of peace is medicine for a sick world. There is evil and disorder in the world because people have forgotten that all things emanate from one Source. Return to that Source and leave behind all self-centered thoughts, petty desires, and anger. Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything.

~ from THE ART OF PEACE by Morihei Ueshiba
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Perched upon the muzzle of a cannon
A yellow butterfly is slowly opening
and shutting its wings.

~ Amy Lowell
Amy Lowell peace

Anger destroys all ability to be at peace with yourself and with others. If you harm me, it is you who lose: you lose your peace.

~ Palden Gyatso
Palden Gyatso peace

Breathe in serenity,
Exhale peace and contentment ...
Then Silence
will gather all the worlds within itself,
the waves will return to the ocean
of eternity.
And every word that has been spoken
about peace and love
will be recognized like a bright light
by the spirit that has come to rest.

~ Marcel Messing
Marel Messing peace

"Peace, peace, be still" came to me today when everything about me seemed in crisis. Tense, worried, anxiously running to and fro, I was like a tumultuous sea. Surely when the surface water is disturbed, we cannot see what otherwise would be clearly visible in the sea's depths. "Peace, be still." I suddenly realized that as long as I was rushed and agitated, I could not see beyond the surface of my problems. As my emotions quieted, I realized that God also was present in the depths of my life, the course of everlasting love unhindered by my problems.

~ Jill Bakke with thanks to David Jefferson
Jill Bakke peace

Wolves have what it takes to live in peace. They communicate lavishly. By gestures -- the smile, for instance -- and by sounds, from the big social howls to the conversational whimpers. They even seek to control by sound first, not biting. A full-grown wolf will plead with you not to take its possessions. And you in turn can plead with a wolf. It glances at your eyes, desists from what has displeased you and walks off as if indifferent.

~ from ARTIC WILD by Lois Crisler
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The core of peace lives not in thoughts, not in deeds I do.
It lives inside my heart, in how I feel about me.
When I have learned to be at peace within myself,
then shall I radiate that peace to all.
Let me now go within to calm the inner sea.

~ Danaan Parry with thanks to Anne Strader
Danaan Perry peace

May you live with love, strength, faith and wisdom ... and have enough to share with those in need. May you have songs to sing and also blessed silence and peace through every night.

Silence is the beginning of peace. It is in silence that we learn that there is more to life than life seems to offer. There is beauty and truth and vision wider than the present and deeper than the past that only silence can discover. Going into ourselves we see the whole world at war within us and begin to end the conflict. To understand ourselves, then, is to understand everyone else as well.

Noise protects us from confronting ourselves, but silence speaks the language of the heart.

~ from THERE IS A SEASON by Joan Chittister
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