EVERY GOOD WISH, dear friends! Our world cries out for our Work to beome prayer and love made visible. May we listen attentively in the silence for clear, creative guidance of how we can most life-givingly offer our selves in Service. And, as you work, may your grain of sand become a beautiful pearl.

SUMMER BLESSINGS, dear friends! May your vacations, family gatherings, and rereation traveling be balanced with inward diving into the depths of silence and solitude. Re-creation and renewal, peace and harmony become summer fruits of this inner-outer balance. Thus are you true to yourself.

EVERY BLESSING, dear friends! As we enter into the summer season of fullness, may the music of our hearts become One in a symphony of souls united in the Silence. May we pause each day in the silence to listen to the deepest Song in our hearts ... then sing it in our actions and interactions in work and leisure.

BLESSINGS, dear friends of the heart! The heart: where the Divine Guet awaits our listening silence. May we learn to dele ever more deeply into the contemplative Silence within that links our soul like a vertical beam of light to heaven and earth. Our lives beome more joyful, peaceful, and loving, increasing our reverence and honoring of ALL life.

BLESSINGS, dear friends, as we enter another life-giving Springtime season of new blossomings bursting from the earth and, hopefully, arising in our hearts as well. In the silence of early April mornings, listen for the promise of winter's gestate seeds awakening. What flowers await birth in your inner soul garden? Be still ... in the silence, you will know.

WARM GREETINGS, dear friends, as we continue to journey together united in the Silence. Blessed are you who have a friend or two with whom you can commune in silene, share and reverence one another's deepest heart-song, and call each other to be faithful to its inner truth ... a beneficial way to remain faithful to the Call of the Beloved.

Winter: q quieting time to rest in the warmth of our heart's hearth. BLESSINGS TO ALL as we enter another new year, another new beginning to awaken ever more fully to Divine Loe at work in and through us. Each one of us is in need of true inspiration ... to have the indwelling FIRE reignited so that we can live with enthusiasm: a passion for Life, purpose, and jouy. FIRE: the Falme of Love that inspires the aspirations of our hearts!

BLESSINGS OF NEW BEGINNINGS asw enter the fifteenth year of Friends of Silence ... prayers and loe sent out to over 5300 individuals in homes around the world ... rippling out from the Silence we eah carry within our heart-home drawing others to unite in the Silence: Home to the Divine Guest who dwells within all whose heart-door is open.

BLESSINGS, dear friends, throughout this holy season! May each of us become aware of the angelic presences ever close by to omfort, protect, and guide us at every moment ... and, may we be assured of those angelic beings that lovingly watch over all those who have passed on to new life, uniting them with all who have gone before them. May all who are troubled feel themseles held in the comforting wings of Love.

Peace-filled and hope-filled prayer FROM THE SILENCE, dear friends. Though our hearts are heavy, tried by fire in so many areas of our world and individual lives, may we remember that out of the deep well-springs of Silence come healing waters, the still Voice of Love, inspirations to know how to respond in these difficult times, and the courage and strength to speak out and act with great integrity and compassion. May each of us pause in the Silence for a few moments throughout the day to send peace, love, and healing to our wounded world. How each of us lives and thinks makes a BIG difference!

BLESSINGS of the Autumn season, dear friends, as we ponder the Great Mystery. All is Mystery. Every individual is a mystery never to be fully known or understood. Enter, then, the Silence with open heart and recognize the wondrous mystery that is uniquely yours to live ... yours to share in loving service.

GREETINGS, dear friends, as we move into a new season, a new focus for many ... a time to pause remembering that deep silence awakens the power of your inner being, your clarity of mind, and your intuitive wisdom. Your silence will enhance whaeer you do, whatever the task. May the Work you are called to offer in service to others, to the world, bear the "trademark" of the light you are.

BLESSED BE, dear friends! May you pause these summer days to bask in solitude and silence. They will refresh your soul! for, Love's sacred Spark is lit in the secret space of the soul, the innermost depths of silence, where the Divine Fire makes its hearth.

WELCOME to the myriad songs of summer, dear friends! May you awaken to the place of peace where you begin to hear Love's song -- the still, sacred space of Silence within your own welcomin gheart. Listen to your soul-song uniting in harmony with creation's song: the Universal Symphony!

SPRING BLESSINGS! dear friends. A brief meditation, if you wish:

In the silence, repeat your name to yourself a few times ... reall the different feelings of being alled by name over the years: by family members ... teachers ... friends ... nicknames ... titles ... changes of name. Listen. Imagine God, the Beloved of your heart (whateer name you all the Unnameable Mystery) calling you by name ... Silently bask in this naming as a way of honoring your name and the Name.

We are uniquely loved more than we can imagine; each one of us is known and called by name. How we respond is up to us. 

BLESSINGS of the Spring season be with you all, dear friends!

Ponder this: if seeds in the dark earth can turn into lovely blossoms and fruit, what might our heartseed become on our journey to the stars?

BLESSINGS, dear friends! As Spring approaches, may our house-cleaning include times of silence, where we air out our inner rooms of any old anger or resentments that continue to bind us to the past. May we experience the liberation and deep gladness that forgiveness of hurt from situations, others, or ourselves will bring -- especially of our own betrayals to living our own deepest truth! The Dalai Lama reminds us that our enemies are our greatest teachers because they provide us with the opportunity to practice compassion and forgiveness.

Blessed friends... Listening deeply, you can come to hear within and through the silence your own heart beating in harmony with the Divine Guest, your soul's companion. In the Silence: the wonder of God's Love!

BLESSINGS to you, dear friends, in this new year! What is your deepest prayer for yourself and loved ones, for peoples around the world, for our Earth home in 2001? What if eah of us would become a prayer-blessing of peace, harmony, love and joy in the world? What a differene we ould make!

BLESSINGS and GREETINGS, dear friends. Pausing in silence as we move into a new season, may the Indwelling Light within your heart shine forth ... may peace blossom on the earth and justice dawn like new-born light! And may your holidays be seasoned with love and light and peace!

Heartfelt BLESSINGS OF THANKSGIVING, dear friends! As we move into a season filled with holidays and celebration, may we remember to pause each day for renewal and to feast with the Divine Guest on soul nourishment served in the Silence.

AUTUMN GREETINGS, dear friends. May blessings of deep inner silence and peace be with you. For in this inner stillness, the Spirit of Love anoint th soul, and, in silene, our deepest wounds can receive the oil of healing.

BLESSINGS, dear friends, as we enter this new autumn season with an invitation to go into our inner silent spce and to ponder how we relate to our daily work ... to the flow of our lives ... To keep our feet on the ground is to find wholeness in our lives. We bring spirit down in the world of soul to be embodied, to work, to be of benefit. At the same time we go the other way, too, ringing world up toward spirit, ennobling the kitchen an the freeway. Integrity is atie, a practice conerned with motion, connection, and struggle. It does not just go by the rules. In the great silene, integrity listens for the true course. This means that integrity is slow. It allows us to feel the anxiety of events developing, finding their shape; it does not rush through the time of growth, and enjoys the moment before the task is complete.

Summer BLESSINGS of Beauty, dear friends! True Beauty, another name for the Beloved, is a radiance emanating from the soul. May we ever be awake to disover unepecte beauty in one another, in the Earth and all of creation. Silence awakens us to beauty ... we begin to see with the heart's eyes, hear with the heart's ears.

May BLESSINGS OF HEART-SONG be yours, dear friends! And, out of deep silence, may you awaken to the music of the spheres, the rhythm and harmony of Life ...

BLESSINGS of a peace-filled heart be with you! For PEACE is a double blessing radiating inward as a life-giving force and radiating outward as gift to the world. Those silent spaces of the heart is where peace dwells and grows.

SPRING BLESSINGS: season of new growth! The miracle of the world around us is an endless source of spiritual nourishment for those who are truly aware. What if our sole purpose, our soul purpose, our basic goal, is simply to be gardeners of the planet iin praise of diversity! Too simple! something to ponder in the silence of our hearts.

May we all receive the BLESSINGS of a listening heart, dear friends! For, as we cultiate our heart's ear to listen deeply in the Silence, we will begin to hear inner promptings of the indwelling Divine Guest.

May BLESSINGS OF RADICAL LOVE be yours, dear friends. As we learn to abide in Love, our sharing within ourselves and with others will become deepening communion with the Source of all Love. In the Silene we open our hearts to Love.

DEEP BLESSINGS, dear friends, as we welcome in a new year, a new millennium! more then ever, our offering of SILENCE are needed as our hopes and dreams of a more peaceful and just world are birthe into reality around planet Earth.