March 2002 (Vol. XV, No. 3)

WARM GREETINGS, dear friends, as we continue to journey together united in the Silence. Blessed are you who have a friend or two with whom you can commune in silene, share and reverence one another's deepest heart-song, and call each other to be faithful to its inner truth ... a beneficial way to remain faithful to the Call of the Beloved.

Faith doesn't mean that you never doubt

When Sarah gathered herself together enough to speak without weeping, she had to ask:

"How did you know my most terrible secret? Is my lack of faith in God so obvious?"

"My lady, I assumed that you would have such thoughts simply because any human being in your position would HAVE to have them. You give no outward sign of it. And it is not lack of faith. You can't stop thoughts like that from entering your head. Faith doesn't mean that you never doubt. Faith only means that you never act upon your doubts."

~ from SARAH by Orson Scott Card