July-August 2000 (Vol. XIII, No. 7)

Summer BLESSINGS of Beauty, dear friends! True Beauty, another name for the Beloved, is a radiance emanating from the soul. May we ever be awake to disover unepecte beauty in one another, in the Earth and all of creation. Silence awakens us to beauty ... we begin to see with the heart's eyes, hear with the heart's ears.

Beauty is a wordless sermon

Beauty is a wordless sermon on the mystery of the Divine Presence in our world. The appearance of beauty and our ability to receive it is a revelation of God in our lives. Beauty is one of the faces of God.

~ Macrina Wiederkehr

Beauty bears within itself every element of happiness

Beauty bears within itself every element of happiness, whence its character of peace, plenitude, satisfaction; now beauty is in our very being, we live by its substance. It is the calm, simple and generous stillness of the pool which mirrors the depth of the sky with all its serenity; it is the beauty of the water-lily, of the lotus opening to the light of the sun. It is repose in the center, resignation to Providence, quietude in God.

~ from STATIONS OF WISDOM by Frithjof Schuon

That I might view life's beauty through your eyes

Oh, that I might ever know
Your Presence in every face
Your Pulse in every heart;
That I might ever feel
Your Breath in every breeze
Your Touch in each rain drop;
That I might ever see
Your Smile in every bloom
Your Might in each sunrise.
And, oh, please grant
That I might view
Life's beauty through
Your Eyes.

~ from BEAMS OF PRAYER, ed. By Lynn Salata

Beauty will save the world

Beauty will save the world,
But who will save beauty?

~ Dostoevsky

We try to live in beauty

There were quite a few angles around in the midst of that ruin, hatred, and anger — including a little flower. I had to do my best to go in that direction of beauty. I saw that life is not only cruelty and confusion and ignorance, but life also has many heartfelt people, wonderful people who are trying to do their best. You don't need to see ten thousands flowers in order to see that so much beauty in life is waving to you and saying hello to you. We try to live in beauty, in that light of goodness.

~ Chan Khong in THE BOND BETWEEN WOMEN: A Journey to Fierce Compassion by China Galland

The beauty f the Plains is like that of an icon

A person is forced inward by the spareness of what is outward and visible in all this land and sky. The beauty of the Plains is like that of an icon -- what seems stern and almost empty is merely open, a door into simple and holy state.

~ from DAKOTA by Kathleen Norris

The wonderful beauty of prayer

The wonderful beauty of prayer is that the opening of our heart is as natural as the opening of a flower. To let a flower open and bloom it is only necessary to let it BE; so if we simply ARE, if we become and remain still and silent, our heart cannot but be open, the Spirit cannot but pour through into the whole of our being. It is for this we have been created.

~ John Main

Order and beauty are necessary for the well-being of my soul

Every time I arrange fresh flowers, I choose the blossoms from my garden and the vase from my shelf so that color and form complement each other. Four days later, I see the vermilion rose is developing a silver sheen that would be enhanced in pewter. I choose a new vase; I honor the aging; I create a new form. Just as order and beauty are crucial to a floral arrangement, so order and beauty are necessary for the well-being of my soul. They mirror each other.

~ Marion Woodman in HANDBOOK OF THE SOUL by R. Carlson and B. Shield

Beauty's self and beauty's giver

All through her life, nature had been for Madeleva "beauty's self and beauty's giver." Through it, the divine revealed itself in natural ephiphanies:

Can I not find you in all winds that blow,
In the wild loneliness of lark and plover,
In slender shadow trees upon the snow?

This poem suggests that her prayers had gone beyond words; apparently, only silence could express them. If simplicity, in prayer as in life, is a sign of maturing sanctity, then Madeleva's inner life would seem to have deepened through the years.

~ from MADEVELA by Gail Porter Mandell

Solitude gives birth to beauty

Solitude gives birth to the original in us, to beauty unfamiliar and perilous — to poetry.

~ Thomas Mann

Beauty is a consciousness of the heart

All of the sense organs are both organs and capacity. The synthesizing acting of the heart continuously creates a unity of the inner world and outer world. Moments in which we perceive this unity are moments of the experience of beauty. Beauty is thus a consciousness of the heart. The heart has always been connected with love due to this relation between bringing what seems to be separated into conjoining as profound beauty.

~ from LOVE AND THE SOUL by Robert Sardello

The heart is always attracted to some sign of beauty

The heart always has an object of love; it is always attracted to some sign of beauty. Whatever the heart holds its attention on, it will acquire its qualities. Rumi said, "If your thought is a rose, you are rose garden. If your thought is a thorn, you are kindling for the stove." Being between the attraction of the physical world and the ego, on the one hand, and spirit and its qualities on the other, the heart is pulled from different sides. But ultimately behind all these various attractions lies one great Attractor.

~ from THE KNOWING HEART by Kabir Helminski

Only in your solitude will you come upon your own beauty

Only in solitude can you discover a sense of your own beauty. The Divine Artist sent no one here without the depth and light of divine beauty. This beauty is frequently concealed behind the dull facade of routine. Only in your solitude will you come upon your own beauty.

~ from ANAM CARA by John O'Donohue

Beauty is composed of many things

BEAUTY is composed of many things and never stands alone. It is part of horizons, blue in the distance, great primeval silences, knowledge of all things of earth.  It is so fragile it can be destroyed by a sound or a thought. It may be infinitesimally small or encompass the universe itself. It comes in a swift conception wherever nature has not been disturbed.


Beauty springs

Beauty springs from the soul of the beholder.

~ Eugene Whitworth