October 2000 (Vol. XIII, No. 9)

AUTUMN GREETINGS, dear friends. May blessings of deep inner silence and peace be with you. For in this inner stillness, the Spirit of Love anoint th soul, and, in silene, our deepest wounds can receive the oil of healing.

In the fullness of silence

In the fullness of silence
healing is greatly enhanced.

~ Anonymous

The world without tears is a heartless world

The world without tears is a heartless world. The soul that sheds no tears is a soul without love. O God, save us from turning into statues of tearlessness! This must be our prayer. Tears are signs of life; they bring life back to the world. Tears well out of the heart of love; they restore to the human community the ability to love. Tears take form in cries and struggles for justice; they revive the soul of our century for a promise and a future. And it is in the people capable of tears that a promise of human community and a future for the world lie.

~ from THE TEARS OF LADY MENG by C. S. Song