The more we love

The more we love, the better we pray.
~ Anonymous

I believe in love

I believe in the sun even when it is not shining.
I believe in love even when I do not feel it.
I believe in God even when God is silent.

~ Anonymous

May we abide in love

May we abide in LOVE like fish in water.
~ Anonymous

Peace Prayer

Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth,
Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust,
Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace,
Let peace fill our hearts, our world, our universe.

~ Anonymous

Keep the child in yourself

Most of all, you have to keep the child in yourself, especially the sense of wonder.
~ Anonymous

May I walk more quietly

May I walk more quietly
as I search more deeply
through the thick forest
along the spiritual path.

~ Anonymous

Let us be still

Let us be still; trustingly still; not only calm and quiet on the surface, but still from the center of our being, out, out, out ...
~ Anonymous

Do not move

Do not move
in order to touch me,
for I am stillness itself.

Do not be drawn
in many directions
in order to take hold of me;
I am unity itself.

Stop the movement,
unify diversity,
and you will surely reach me,
who long ago reached you.

~ Anonymous, with thanks to Abby Seixas

In the stillness

In the stillness, we are receiving the fullness of life.
~ Anonymous
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