Love is our shared truth

Love is our shared truth.
Peace is our eternal hope.

~ The Museum of World Religions -- Taiwan

Encircle me

Encircle me
Enfold me
Entrance me
With Thy peace
That I may pray
and love Thee well.

Encircle me
Embolden me
Enhance me
With Thy power
That I may ever
do Thy will.

~ Celtic Prayer

How happy are you just being in love

How happy you are when you practice silent contemplation filled with wisdom and love! How happy you are when you sit, just being in love!
~ Anonymous

Who is an angel?

 Everyone entrusted with a mission is an angel.

~ Anonymous

The love of the angels

The love of the angels be to you --
To guard you and cherish you. 

~ Celtic Prayer

Part of One Soul

Every soul is part of One Soul. 

~ Anonymous

Intimate union with the Soul of the universe

Now is the time to seek intimate union with the Soul of the universe.

~ Anonymous

Prescription for continued SOUL growth

A prescription for continued SOUL growth
SILENCE in large doses
BREATHING deeply and consiously throughout the day
LISTENING and ATUNING to the inner Voice of Love
GIVING THANKS always for all things
RESTING IN PRAYER regularly each day
STAYING CONNECTED to your guardian angel
SINGING your unique heart-song daily
LOVING the Mystery . . . TRUSTING the Process
ever SERVING in the Divine Plan!

~ Anonymous

Eternity and love

In the Silence we touch Eternity and Love.

~ Anonymous

Love is a verb

Love is a verb ... not a noun.

~ Anonymous
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