Compost for the field of wisdom

Suffering is compost for the field of wisdom.

~ Anonymous

You can't change the past

You can't change the past
But you can ruin the present
By worrying about the future.

~ Anonymous

The entire world is a musical instrument

The entire world is a musical instrument, the pole of the world celestial is intersected where this heavenly chord is divided by the spiritual sun. Earthly music is an echo of this cosmic harmony: it is a relic of heaven.

~ Author unknown, with thanks to Anne Amerson

Unless there is a still center

Unless there is a still center
in the middle of the storm ...

Unless a person amidst of all their activities
preserves a secret room in their heart
where they stand alone before God ...

Unless we do this,
we will lose all sense of spiritual direction
and be torn to pieces.

~ Anonymous

There are islands of stillness

In the tempestuous ocean of time and toil there are islands of stillness where humans may enter the harbor and reclaim their dignity. The sabbath is a designated day -- also a state of mind -- a time of detachment from things, instruments, practical affairs and the hurly-burly of life's struggles. In the sabbath state-of-mind we can seek attachment to the spirit, recapturing the goodness of our essential being.

~ source unknown, with thanks to Frederick Lord

Each thing I have received

Each thing I have received, from Thee it came,
Each thing for which I hope, from Thy love it will come,
Each thing I enjoy, it is of Thy bounty,
Each thing I ask comes of Thy disposing.

~ Celtic prayer of gratitude

In all things may we be grateful

In all things may we be grateful, our hearts open to joy.
O Blessed one, speak to us within our hearts;
let your Voice be heard.
As we listen and heed your Word, joy will be our song of thanks.
As you lead us into the Silence, we become friends with solitude;
With trust in You, our lives become simple, with assurance
and peace leaving no room for fear.
All that we have is gift from You, O Beloved,
all that we are is Yours as well.
May we come to see that all we give to others,
we give to ourselves and You.

~ Anonymous

Am I dead?

Lying alone in the pasture, dark except for the magnetic full moon. There is an overwhelming sense of quietness. My being is part of the earth and part of the pure white light of the moon at the same time. Nothing else is significant. For a second I wonder, "Am I dead?" It isn't important -- I am spending an hour in God's hands, and it will become part of me.

~ "But How Can I Be the Moon?" -- age 16

Seeds in the black earth

If seeds in the black earth can turn into such beautiful roses, what might not our hearts become in our journey toward the stars?
~ Anonymous
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