The food of the soul

~ Unknown

Faith that comes from spiritual knowledge

Faith that comes from spiritual knowledge is rooted in the Silence of the heart.
~ Unknown

I nourish my spiritual life

I nourish my spiritual life, for therein lie my anchor. My understanding deepens; my faith that life has meaning grows.

~ Unknown

Be quiet and listen

"I told everyone to be quiet and listen. One of my friends said, 'I don't hear anything.' I said, 'Exactly'."
~ Unknown

In the silent night a child was sent

In the silent night
a child was sent
to embody
the Mystery of
God alive
among us.

~ Unknown

Befriend the Silence

Be still and know I AM.

If you would know deeper dimensions of yourself and the Divine, my friends, befriend the Silence.

~ Unknown

Only by learning silence

Only by learning silence, solitude, and emptying can you find the place where the roots of all living things are tied together.


My way is all of trust and love

My way is all of trust and love; I do not understand souls who are afraid of so loving a Friend.
~ Unknown

Only passing through

There is an old story about a famous rabbi living in Europe who was visited one day by a man who had traveled by ship from New York to see him. The man came to the great rabbi's dwelling, a large house, and was directed to the rabbi's room, which was in the attic. He entered to find the master living in a room with a bed, a chair, and a few books. The man had expected more. After greetings, he asked, "Rabbi, where are your things?”

The rabbi asked in return, "Well, where are yours?"

The visitor replied, "But, Rabbi, I"m only passing through."

And the master answered, "So am I, so am I."

~ Unknown
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