What is the journey?

And the Journey is from a place we have never left to a place we have ever been ...
~ thanks to John Groff

Praying without words

BACH gave us God's Word
MOZART gave us God's Laughter
BEETHOVEN gave us God's Fire
gave us MUSIC that we
might pray without words.

~ from a German Opera House

There is a time for silence and a time for speech

"There is a time for silence and a time for speech." Teach me, O Holy One, the silence of humility, the silence of wisdom, the silence of love, the silence of perfection, the silence that speaks without words, the silence of faith. Teach me to silence my own heart that I may listen to the gentle movement of Thy Spirit within me and sense the depths which are of God.

~ a German prayer of the 16th century

If we cannot be still

If we cannot wait,
we cannot know the
right time to move.

If we cannot be still,
our actions will have
gathered no power.

~ Unknown

There is a light in you which cannot die

There is a light in you which cannot die; Whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you.

~ from C.I.M. with thanks to Sherry Blanchette

You can add enjoyment and meaning to any task

You can add enjoyment and meaning to any task by beginning each one with an awareness of the Divine Presence and by taking a moment of silence to be grateful for all you are able to do! Even the most difficult or mundane task can be done effortlessly and joyfully when approached with an attitude of thanksgiving. You are open to new creativity, new energy, and new inspiration. While working, focus on the Divine Presence, and see how the day goes by with ease and efficiency ... see how your work is blessed.

~ Unknown

To learn to be grateful for each challenge

To learn to be grateful for each challenge, every heart, every tear, as well as for the unexpected joy and love you encounter, is a lesson of great growth. Every experience is a step closer to your eventual union with the Source of All Creation. Even a moment of expressing your gratitude for your own creation, your own eternal life each day brings you closer to the love and power within.

~ from "Children of the Light" Newsletter ... Issue #55

True prayer

True prayer expresses gratitude for what already is...

~ Anonymous

Coming from love

Coming from Love is coming from the heart, the heart of the One Spirit within, and touching other hearts in unity of God's purpose and peace. Loving yourself is the first step home; loving all else is the way, the path; and being Love is the journey's end; for once you become that which you are -- LOVE -- you shall truly be Home.

~ from TALKS WITH JONATHAN with gratitude to Robin Miller

From compassion comes peace

From a quiet mind comes vision;
From vision comes knowledge of unity;
From knowledge of unity comes compassion for all.
From compassion comes peace.
~ Unknown
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