\GREETINGS and BLESSINGS be with you, friends, in this season of seed-sowing! ... a reminder to ask ourselves how we are cultivating the inner soil of our hearts to prepare for renewal and new growth.

Mystics and contemplatives offer a perspective on resurrection that seems to mirror their own experiences of illumination and unity. They tell us that perhaps regeneration is effected through a profound state of self-reflection, possible only to those who have become transparent to transcendence and are coded by that experience with a quality of eternity that does not, cannot, die with death. This implies that a new order has been created within spirit, within nature, within the soul, within the meaning and matter of history. Here we move out beyond miracle into the heart of mystery, and consciousness grows into the capacity for co-creation with God. The world turns a corner, and true partnership between divine and human realms becomes possible.

~ from GODSEED by Jean Houston
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To become proficient in the discipline of contemplation, we must be willing to live in the midst of paradox. For we can only know the Mystery by letting go of knowing, and by putting aside our reason, our thinking, our too quick words. We must sit still, doing nothing at all. We must wait, allowing things to reveal themselves to us, and seek by allowing ourselves to be sought. In contemplation we must take Thou in by allowing ourselves to be taken in. By doing these things, we will gradually become "modern" contemplatives and find ourselves living at the still point of the turning world.

~ from DANCE OF THE SPIRIT by Maria Harris
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What is offered to the seeker of today is the same as it was before. The same luminous inner light, the same fathomless tranquility, that same drink which deeply quenches, that explosive, boundless love from the source of Love beyond, that same handhold with hundreds of thousands of messengers of light, that same blessed transmission being extended from the unfailing generosity of God. The ante remains as it has always been: the surrender of everything entirely, including one's very self. What is at stake, however, is greater than ever before. If you have understood this invitation my friends, if your heart has heard the calling of a traveler just like you, then take heed now and make haste as the saints have urged.

~ from THE WRITING ON THE WATER by Muhyiddin Shakoor
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Wherever the Word is to be heard, it must occur in the stillness and in silence... There we can hear it and understand it correctly, in that state of unknowing. Where we know nothing, it becomes apparent and reveals Itself... People should be as free of their own knowledge as when they were not yet, letting God accomplish what God wills ... standing empty.

~ from THE ETERNAL YEAR by Karl Rahner
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I wanted it. Desired it greatly. Yearned for its coming. But when it did come, I fought, resisted, ran, hid away. I said, "Go home!" I didn't know the fire of God could be more than a gentle glow or a cozy consolation. I didn't know it could come in as a blaze ... a wildfire uncontrolled, searing my soul, chasing my old ways, smoking them out. Only when I stopped running, gave up the chase, surrendered, did I know the fire's flaming as consolation and joy. Only then could I welcome the One whose fire I had long sought.

~ from MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE? by Joyce Rupp
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If you would know deeper dimensions of yourself and the Divine, my friend, befriend the Silence.

~ Jerry Wright
Jerry Wright stillness

I have a feeling that my boat has struck, down there in the depths, against a great thing. And nothing happens! Nothing ...
Silence ... Waves ...
Nothing happens? Or has everything happened,
and are we standing now, quietly, in the new life?

~ Juan Ramon Jimenez, trans. by Robert Bly
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The Great Mystery will draw closer and begin to reveal some of her secrets in silence. We hope, in the emptying that silence is, to discover a way of being present to what happens and to what is. To be totally open to apprehend the full impact of each moment and each encounter, the heart must be set free from all prejudices, pre-conceptions and expectations. The silence at the center of our reflections here is for emptying and for letting go of the images and knowledge that obscure the vision of our hearts and our ability to truly hear.

~ from YEAR OF THE HEART by Daniel J. O'Leary
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Conversation is the ultimate experience of being in love. It involves self-surrender to the heart of mystery, to an uncomprehended "Who", given in a mystical way. The shift in our attention from all finite loves and hates, whether interpersonal, familial or philanthropic to concern for the Transcendent Other, available in the unmediated experience of love and awe, occurs first in that incarnate meaning that we are. We discover by God's gracious love, we are a meaningful word already spoken, a beloved whose very being is the expression of God's turning toward us. In essence, our conversion toward God is the created effect of divine love. We could not pray if God was not already invested in our hearts and mind.

~ from THE DESIRES OF THE HEART by Bernard Lonergan
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The heart knows what the tongue
will never utter
and what the ears can never hear.

~ Kahlil Gibran
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Place your MIND before the mirror of eternity!
Place your SOUL in the brilliance of glory!
Place your HEART in the figure of the divine substance!

And transform your entire being in the image of the Godhead Itself through contemplation.

~ St. Clare of Assisi
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Only by learning silence, solitude, and emptying can you find the place where the roots of all living things are tied together.

Unknown stillness