February 1995 (Vol. VIII, No. 2)

BLESSINGS! May Love grace your life and may Love guide your way!

Divine Communion begins when you love

Divine Communion begins when YOU love. Then not only are you connected to love, but you are love. The way by which we commune with God is by being love.

~ Franklin Albert Jones

What is my deepest desire?

There is a desire beneath all surface desire. It is this primary desire that you must uncover and fulfill. When in deepest silence, ask yourself: what is my deepest desire? You will inevitably discover one answer, and one alone. Your deepest desire is to unite your will with God's will. Your deepest desire is union with God... Your deepest desire is to be a co-creator in the image of God. No other desire will fulfill your potential. All other desires are symptoms of the fundamental desire for union with God.

~ from THE REVELATION: OUR CRISIS IS A BIRTH by Barbara Marx Hubbard

When I first began to enter the Silence

When I first began to enter the Silence, it felt like an alien atmosphere filled with menacing voices, capricious thoughts, uncomfortable feelings. But as the days and weeks passed, the Silence became a welcoming friend, a presence like the warmth of a fire in which I encountered the Divine Lover of my soul and experienced my Self as God's Beloved.

~ Linda Douty

If you want to live

If you want to live, die in Love.
~ Rumi

Love is a yearning on the part of one human being for another

Love is a yearning on the part of one human being for another. In contemplative prayer one human being yearns for a love relationship, and ultimately a union with the infinite God. It is the quintessential joining of hearts and minds that fulfills the ultimate longings of the human being for infinite love. It begins when one recognizes a deeply felt longing for God, a longing that stirs out of the darkest recesses of one's being and is expressed at times with a sigh that involves the whole body. It calls for undivided attention to the Beloved so yearned for, to the point of setting aside all thoughts about anything else, even holy and comforting reflection and words. It is total dedication to the Beloved alone.

~ from WATER IN THE WILDERNESS by Francis W. Vanderwall

Through links of love

We seem to sense that -- whether we conceive it as a divine being or as cosmic energy -- the Spirit working upon and within all creation is shaping it into order, harmony, and beauty, uniting all beings (some willing, but the majority as yet blind and rebellious) with each other through links of love, achieving -- slowly and silently, but powerfully and irresistibly -- the Supreme Synthesis.

~ from THE ACT OF WILL by Assagioli

As you awaken, all those you love awaken a little with you

As I walked I heard her voice say:

As you awaken, all those you love awaken a little with you. All through you love are linked by that love, are on the same spiral, rising.

My heart filled with joy, for I knew in that moment that no awakening can be personal or selfish. Every awakening spreads its power and light throughout the world.

~ from HIDDEN JOURNEY by Andrew Harvey

Like the tree, we wait for the sap to rise

There are some things that we simply must wait in silence to receive. We live our questions and wait for the knowing to happen. Like the tree, we wait for the sap to rise.

~ from WHEN THE HEART WAITS by Sue Monk Kidd

Think what it would mean if you could love everybody

Think what it would mean if you could love everybody -- not because all persons in the world are so attractive and lovable that they awaken your love, but because an ever-present consciousness of Love exists within yourself and, like the sun, rays out in all directions on the "just and the unjust" alike... Those who have attained Love-Consciousness carry Love and Joy around with them wherever they go, for it is withIN themselves instead of withOUT. Enter where they may, they find an atmosphere of Love, because it is they who bring that atmosphere... Love beautified everything.


That I may perfectly love Thee

God, unto whom all hearts are open, unto whom all will
is spoken, unto whom nothing is hidden,
I beseech Thee to cleanse the intent of my heart
with the unspeakable gift of Thy grace that
I may perfectly love Thee and worthily praise Thee.

~ from "Naked Intent of the Soul" by Reshad Feild

No words are needed

When a person is angry with another person, that person is removed from their heart. That's why the physical reaction is to shout. The greater the distance, the louder the shouting. But when individuals are in love, they speak softly, and when they are further in love, no words are needed.

~ Meher Baba

To be a world server is to be a lover

To be a world server is to be a lover. It means that you love the truth behind appearances. The full force of evolution is behind every act of love and infuses us as we live our deepest intentions. Love is the point of power within each of us where our God-self and our human-self fuse. There all polarizations vanish. Matter is perceived as Spirit revealed, the created is seen as the extension of the Creator. And change is understood to be the alchemical process through which God takes our divided self and makes of it a sacred whole.

~ from WHERE TWO WORLDS TOUCH by Gloria D. Karpinski

The simple home of love

Great Spirit of love, we only pray to become more aware of Thy glory; that our light may grow more bright, more steady, so that others travelling along life's journey may see the light, and be welcomed to the simple home of love which we would build for all the wayfarers on the path of life. Amen.

~ from SPIRITUAL UNFOLDMENT 4 by White Eagle

The only requisite necessary

The only requisite necessary is for each one to be willing to let God come forth.
~ Baird T. Spalding