We can restore the earth

The separate parts of humanity are coming together to form a whole that is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of its parts. Synergy feels like love, loving one another as ourselves. We are, in fact, one body! Our capacities as a whole are infinitely greater than we we are separate tribes and nations. Once our consciousness shifts from feeling separated to knowing that we are all members of one body, our vast technological genius begins to serve the growth of ourselves as one planet. And that consciousness shift an happen in the twinkling of an eye. Once our consciousness shifts collectively, we can restore the Earth, we can feed all peoples, we can emancipate unique potential We can!

What is my deepest desire?

There is a desire beneath all surface desire. It is this primary desire that you must uncover and fulfill. When in deepest silence, ask yourself: what is my deepest desire? You will inevitably discover one answer, and one alone. Your deepest desire is to unite your will with God's will. Your deepest desire is union with God... Your deepest desire is to be a co-creator in the image of God. No other desire will fulfill your potential. All other desires are symptoms of the fundamental desire for union with God.