BLESSINGS and ALL GOOD WISHES, dear friends! May each one of us radiate from the silence the gifts of wisdom, love, goodness, light and joy. May we recognize that in this, the busiest and noisiest of seasons, we are invited to ever deepening times of silence and solitude to ponder the Mystery of Love born anew in our hearts.

In the eternal birth that occurs in the core and innermost regions of the soul, God covers the soul with light, whereby the light grows so great in the core of our being, that it overflows into the faculties of the soul and into the outer person.

~ Meister Eckhart
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The encounter with God, the experience of the absolute, is a principle at work in ourselves... This awakening to the brightness of the inner light is a necessary step in the full spiritual development of the person, of EVERY person, a step in which the transcendental sense awakens, the inner eye opens, and reality is finally encountered. It is a breaking forth from the constricting shell of ego-consciousness, an opening to the breadth and fullness of life found in cosmic consciousness.

~ from LIVING IN THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS by Hugo Enomuja-Lasalle
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How, then, was Love manifested to the world? A star shone in heaven beyond the stars, and its light was unspeakable, and its newness caused astonishment, and all the other stars, with the sun and moon, gathered in chorus round this star.

~ from THE RELUCTANT PROPHET by James Kirsch
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From the heart of me that is the Heart of God
Love streams forth to all my worlds,
And I am One.

From the Light we share within the Mind of God
Love streams forth to all our worlds,
And we are One.

From the All in all that is the Life of God
Love streams forth -- God's plan made real --
And all are one.

With God as our Beloved,
We are the Plan on earth.

~ words to "The Love Affirmation" by David Spangler
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The restless hollowness which surfaces into our consciousness when we reflect in silence is already the nearness of God, who is like the pure light which, spread over everything, hides itself by making everything else visible in the silent lowliness of its being. The Incarnation urges us, in the experience of solitude, to trust the nearness -- it is not emptiness; to let go and then we will find; to give up and then we will be rich.

~ Karl Rahner
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Blessed are the men and women
who are planted on your earth,
in your garden,
who grow as your trees and flowers grow,
who transform their darkness to light.

Their roots plunge into darkness;
their faces turn toward the light.

~ from SONG OF SOLOMON Trans. by Stephen Mitchell
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It was said that God once sought advice from a Master. "I want to play a game of hide-and-seek with humankind. I've asked the angels what the best place would be. Some said in the depth of the ocean. Others said the top of the highest mountain. Still others, the far side of the moon or a distant star. What do you suggest?"

Said the Master, "Hide in the human heart. That's the last place they will think of!"

~ a Chinese proverb
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The person who sits is more ready to bring forth clear things than someone who walks or stands. Sitting means peace. Thus we sit, which is bowing in humility among all creatures. Then the individual comes to a quiet peace reaching this peace in light. The light is given in the silence wherein one sits and dwells.

~ Meister Eckhart
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With True Love, there is always a childlike sense of wonder and an appreciation for the Mystery of life that is beyond our human comprehension.

~ from OUT OF DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT by Gerald G. Jampolsky
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Open your hearts, oh woman and man!
Now let your great and wise and powerful be as the poor
and foolish little ones:

unembarrassed to receive the incredible Gift,
and not knotted in guilt over your lack of worth,
and not struggling to "earn" what cannot be deserved,
but just simply, joyfully accepting of all
that is given so humbly and gladly in Love.

~ from ENCOUNTERS AT BETHLEHEM by Jean J. Andersen
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If in your heart you make
a manger for Love's birth,
Then God will once again
become a child on earth.

~ "It Depends On You" by Angelus Silesius
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O hidden Life, vibrant in every atom,
O hidden Light, shining in every creature.
O hidden Love, embracing all in oneness,
May all who feel themselves as one with Thee,
Know they are therefore one with every other.

~ Besant
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Deep in the darkness of a silent night and quietly in the secret of your soul, the Mystery of God continues to be born.

~ Doris Klein
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There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in our hearts.

~ Chandogya
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