Whatever-come-along faith is like leaves blowing in the winds

Whatever-come-along faith is like leaves
blowing in the winds, while

Giving one's power to worldly authority
is faith denied, a soul devoid of freedom.

Awakened faith lives by the Law written on each heart,
that hears and heeds the Voice of Silence.

One's own unique and authentic faith
becomes expressed with utter integrity in action.

Aspire to know the Truth that awakens
in the heart, the Truth that sets you free.

One with All

O, Blessed Peacemaker
You make your Home in our hearts
as Loving Companion Presence.
With unreserved, radical trust,
our path is made sure.
Bonded in Love, we become empowered
to serve with mercy and justice:
One with You…
One with All.
Blessed are You, O Life of our lives.

Cherish your times in sacred space

Soul requirements casll for silence,
sacred time alone in heart space and stillness.
A balanced life, engenders harmony of gody,
mind, emotions, and soul
in work, prayer, and recreation in the outer world;
re-creation in silence and solitude,
inwardly at home with Divine Love.
Let Wisdom teach and illuminate the way!
Cherish your times in sacred space
with silence and solitude.

The Inner Gate that leads to the great Work

Wend your way through the corridors of time,
not as passengers on a free ride
watching the seasons pass;
Rather, steady mindfulness quickens
the spirit, awakens the soul,
and opens the Inner Gate that leads
to the great Work so needed in these times.
Discover the joy of helping humanity
to reverence all Creation,
of offering your healing hands
in the restoration of planet Earth.
Discernment and discipline will cut through
impediments to action.

Luminous is the word of Truth

Luminous is the word of Truth; like a laser beam, it cuts through ignorance and illusion. Lives filled with lies lead to pain and suffering; the face reveals but a mask hiding shame and deception. About face! Listen and know! Blessed are those who choose the Truth. The path is made straight, the spirit freed to soar.

Breath deeply amidst the beauties of nature

Breath deeply amidst the beauties of nature;
absorb vibrations unsullied by
pollution and cosmopolitan ways.
Breathing mindfully brings balance into your life;
strength is gained through the Breath of Life!
Remember: breath is your life's companion!
And, as you limit your breath, you limit life itself.
Befriend silence: a balm to your soul.
As you breathe in silence,
your ear attunes to Spirit.
You will understand the eagle.
Breathe deeply! Breathe life!

Tend the flame

Remain vigilant! Tend the flame, the Divine Spark,
that nurtures and guides your way!
Not for drugery or duty do you awaken;
rather to delight: to dance and play within creation's wonders.
Enlightened sould know the joy and power of humble service
offered freely, lovingly, and in harmony with the universal Song.
When the flame shines brightly,
who remembers the darkness?
Remain vigilant!
Even in lonely moments, remember to be mindful;
you are never alone.