Compassion is not an invitation to non-action

Compassion is not an invitation to non-action or complacency...nor a license to sit idly, viewing the events of life from a perspective of non-involvement, numbness or denial. Becoming compassion is your invitation to immerse yourself fully into the experience of life, whatever the offering, from a place of non-judgment. Serving simultaneously as the path you may become, as well as the gift you offer to others, compassion is only possible in the healing of polarity: ie., transcending your personal polarity while remaining in this world of polarity.

Become that very peace

While we may forsee the OUTWARD APPEARANCE of peace upon a people or nation, it is the UNDERLYING THINKING that must change to create a true and lasting peace. To change the conditions of our outer world, we are invited to ACTUALLY BECOME the conditions of our desire from within. When we do so, the new conditions of health or peace are mirrored in the world around us. To bring Peace to those whom we love in this world, we must first BECOME that very peace in our thoughts, feelings, and bodies.

The body seeks a harmonic balance with the earth

Recent studies have validated the brain/earth relationship through magnetics. Ancient texts tell us that the body seeks a harmonic balance with the earth. This balance is the goal of the life experience, and may be consciously regulated through non-polarized thoughts of forgiveness and feelings of compassion.

Becoming that which is desired

The highest form of intervention that an individual may offer within a given situation, is not to ask for something to be, rather to become that which is desired. If peace is THE DESIRED REALITY within the global matrix, peace must BECOME THE REALITY within the local matrix of your experience. You must BECOME THAT PEACE.