May the BLESSINGS OF PEACE AND SERENITY be yours in times of silence, prayer, and meditation, dear friends: pauses where we come to know ourselves, others, the osmos, the Heart of all hearts as One inter-related Whole: unity in diversity.

BLESSINGS, dear friends! Precious to the soul are the pauses in the silence in these intense and, all too often, stressful times. May we each bless ourselves and those around us with soul-breaks throughout the day.

May your entrance into this autumn season reap a cornucopia of BLESSINGS as you work, rest, pray, and pause for times in the silence, dear friends!

BLESSINGS, dear friends, in all your summer travels and plans. May you find time in the Silence to follow the journey into your inner heart and allow the universe to move in and help you grow in love and wisdom.

May BLESSINGS OF THE SILENCE ever be yours! May your soul sing! for each of us has a soul-song deep within the silence of our hearts.

BLESSINGS and EVERY GOOD WISH, dea friends! To reflect on your faith is to look at the strong convictions you live by; to reflect on your life is to examine your faith. Life and faith walk hand in hand.

May you enjoy the BLESSINGS OF THE SPRING SEASON, dear friends! May you find renewal for your soul in times of silence and solitude in the midst of nature's beauty.

BLESSINGS, dear friends, as we enter the Spring season ... a time to pause in prayer and enter the silence of our hearts, where the breathing of the Divine Guest lives and loves within us.

May BLESSINGS OF PEACE AND LOVE be with you! As our minds and spirits vie for our attention each day, let us remember to spend time in the Silence recalling to mind our belovedness.  Thus, our spirits may be at peace and grow in love, and thus, do we reawaken to the Divine Guest within our hearts.

BLESSINGS IN THIS NEW YEAR, dear friends! May we dare to open the door of our hearts to the Silence centered within; may we welome the Presence of the One we have ever sought -- the Divine Guest.

BLESSINGS and EVERY GOOD WISH this season of silent nights and holy days ... an apt time to be mindful of the angelic realms and to reconize Earth angels in our midst as well.

EVERY BLESSING, dear friends, in this season of thanksgiving. Taking time to enter the deep well of your own silende while opening to the spirit of gratitude can bear beautiful fruits of kindness, appreiate, peace, generosity, and joy to share with those around you.

My the BLESSING OF WISDOM be yours, dear friends! Within and out of the silence, may you grown in wisdom, may wisdom grace you with truth and clarity, and guide you on your way.

WISHING EACH OF YOU BLESSINGS, my friends, in this new autumn season of ripening and reaping the fruits of summer re-creation: a good time to awaken to the NOW moment, to be aware as nature prepares herself for yet another transformation. While in the silence, doing nothing, Autumn comes -- the leaves turn color and let go by themselves.

EVERY BLESSING, friends! May the love you are and share with others ever increase that beauty might flourish. For is it not Beauty that has the potential to break through fears that separate us -- one from another, nation from nation? Like love, beauty is universal. Bask in beauty! Radiate beauty! Live in beauty! Support Beauty!

SUMMER BLESSINGS, dear friends! May we pause long enough each day to move from the sounds and birdsong into the depth soundings of our own soul songs and through to the sound of Silence.

BLESSINGS, dear friends. As the flowers begin to bloom, 'tis a good time to pause in the Silent Sacred Space of our own heart soil to celebrate all that wants to flower in us.

SPRING BLESSINGS! As the lengthening rays of sunlight warm the earth, new growth emerges, huds begin to open and bulbs burst into flower. May we pause in the Silence to see, to touch, to smell, to listen and enjoy the hope of a new Spring.

BLESSED BE in the Silence, dear friends! As we leave the dark days of winter, let us listen for soul-stirrings of new life. Are there seeds gestating in you preparing to crack opena nd emerge in the light? You can nurture them through silent, holy listening.

EVERY BLESSING BE YOURS, dear friends, in Love's Heart! May we each remembr to take a daily pause in the Silence to affirm that we are here "to learn to bear the beams of Love" and to beam that love out to others. Bask in the Love and become more loving ...

Gentle blessings to each of you in this new year, dear friends! May you find times in STILLNESS and SILENCE to nurture the Sanctuary within. In this Sacred Space, you can retreat any time to rest and just be.

Blessings, dear friends, in this season of love and light: making time for silence in these busy days, may our hearts be open to receive the Gifts! And may we see like a child with eyes of innocence, love and light beaming blessings to one another and the world.

BLESSINGS be yours, dear friends, as in teh Silence we consider our relationship to forgieness -- that miracle of grace whereby what was separated by broken trust is healed through love.

BLESSINGS and every good wish, friends. Peace be with you! Peace comes within our souls when we realize our oneness with the universe. And the world will become more peaceful when we have the same capacity to be silent as we have to speak. Blessed are all who practice silence!

BLESSINGS of the Silence be with you, friends! In the rush and noise of life, pause, step within yourself and be still. Rest and wait upon God. This will enable you to flow through the day's affairs. Ask, what is my best Work.

Wishing each friend A BLESSED SUMMER! Through pauses in the Silence, may you remain aware of the Sacred Journey to wholeness wherever you are, wherever you travel. May you invite times of quiet relaxtion and re-creation into your life. As Frederick Franck reminds us in The Zen of Seeing, "In this twentieth century, to stop rushing around, to sit quietly on the grass, to switch off the world and come back to the earth, to allow the eye to see a willow, a bush, a cloud, a leaf, is an unforgettable experience".

BLESSED BE, dear friends, as we journey into a new season. May we remember to pause and listen to bird-song: a reminder that each one of us has a soul-son deep within the silence of our hearts to bring forth into the world.

Dear friends, do you know how to make God laugh?  Tell God your plans.

BLESSINGS be with you all in thi seed-dowing season! Just as seed germinates in the silent, fertile soil, may the seed of God's Word be nourished in the silence of your soul.

BLESSINGS BE YOURS, dear friends! As we enter the Spring season, may you each pause to enter the Chapel of your heart where in silence you can commune gently, lovingly, humbly, with the Heart within your heart.