BLESSINGS and PEACE be with you all! And an invitation to pause in your day and listen to the melodies your heart sings. For,

God takes such delight in the human person that Divinity sings this song to our soul:

O lovely rose on the thorn!
O hovering bee on the honey!
O pure dove in your being!
O glorious sun in your setting!
O full moon in your course!

From you, I your God will never turn away.

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Can you hear the music?
Can you hear the sound
Of the life that floats by on the wind
Or comes up through the ground?
Its strange enchanting rhythm
Will bring your soul release.
You will hear it and then suddenly
All you've ever known is peace.

Oh, listen to the symphony;
Every note is a new world.
Listen to the music of your destiny
As it unfolds.

~ Michel Worth
Michel Worth music

Among all the different arts, the art of music has been especially considered divine, because it is the exact miniature of the law working through the whole universe.

~ from THE MYSTICISM OF SOUND by Hazrat Inayat Khan
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It is not difficult to understand why music often touches us so deeply. Music is the key to the power within -- a bridge of sorts -- and there is an infinite variety of music suitable to individual tastes and preferences to lead in this inward search. Composers are often aware of the power of the music that comes from within them and have from time to time spoken of it ... Brahms, being deeply aware of the source of his creative gift, stated that his creative power was released in the moment of his realization of his oneness with the Creator.

~ Dr. Phillip D. Crabtree
Dr. Phillip D. Crabtree music

I sing of hemlocks whispering mysteries,
Of meadows green with promise,
Of lakes with secrets,
Of mountain peaks in touch with eternity,
Of solitude filled with murmurings we can never quite hear,
Of presences that hover just beyond the edge of perception,
Of meanings etched in snow, transcribed with wings;
I sing the truth
Of hidden things.

~ from THE ART OF BEVERLY DOOLITTLE by Elise MacLay and Bev Doolittle
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The former musician, Hazrat Inayat Khan gave up the practise of music "to tune souls instead of instruments, to harmonize people instead of notes ... Music, the word we use in our everyday language, is nothing less than the picture of our Beloved ... It is because music is the picture of our Beloved that we love music."

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
Hazrat Inayat Khan music

Your Light alone -- like mists o'er mountains driven,
Or music by the night-wind sent
Through strings of some still instrument,
Or moonlight on a midnight stream,
Gives grace and truth to life's unquiet dream.

~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
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Carl Hammerschlag relates a healing interaction he had with a very ill old Pueblo priest and clan chief, whom he was treating in the hospital:

Suddenly, there was this beautiful smile, and he asked me, "Where did you learn to heal?"

Although I assumed my academic credentials would mean little to the old man, I responded almost by rote, rattling off my medical education, internship and certification.

Again the beatific smile and another question: "Do you know how to dance?"

... I answered that, sure, I liked to dance; and I shuffled a little at his bedside. Santiago chuckled, got out of bed, and short of breath, began to show me his dance.

"You must be able to dance if you are to heal people," he said.

"And will you teach me your steps?" I asked, indulging the aging priest.

Santiago nodded. "Yes, I can teach you my steps, but you will have to hear your own music.”

~ from THE DANCING HEALERS by Carl A. Hammerschlag with thanks to Elaine Simard
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May I become hollow like the reed, so You may play your melody through me.
For I long to be attuned to the great Song of the Cosmos,
to know the song of inner praise!
O, that I might hear the divine melody within my soul
and give birth to a dancing star!

~ Unknown
Unknown music
Every action of our lives touches some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
~ Unknown
Unknown music
No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made.Destiny is made known silently.
~ Agnes DeMille
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