Reflections on the Day by Mary Ann Welter

The mist cleared quickly after inviting stories, mythical and real, of other fogs and mists. The day became clear and sunny, and tonight we have a full, bright "blue moon," currently visible just about in the top center of the window over my desk.

Here are the story threads for today:

  • The Wild Man (known by some as Iron Man John)
  • The scripture story of Peter and John meeting the crippled beggar at the beautiful gate begging for alms. It's the story with Peter's words: "Silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give you." The man is healed and able to walk and even leap about the temple.
  • The Gospel story of the 7 loaves and a few fish which fed the multitude
  • The first Beatitude
  • Poems of the past week, including "The Swan" and "The Fountain"

The moon has now risen beyond the top of my large window, meaning it is getting late, so here are the questions:

  • Where is the key that unlocks our wildness, true liberty, and connection? The Wild Man, locked in a cage, knew where the key was, but needed the little boy to go, steal the key, and give him freedom.
  • What did Peter and John have to give? What did Peter have in his soul, his innermost self? What wound could be transformed into healing?
  • What do we, you and I, each person here, have? What have we been given for the healing of the world? What can we give encounter after encounter.
  • Are we not called into "complete absurdity" as the disciples must have been when asked to feed the many gathered people with 7 loaves and a couple of fish. They, like us, might have been inclined to say to Jesus: Are you nuts?
  • In what sense is our own lack, our poverty really our wealth? What have I been given, including all the seeming contradictions: shadow, light, wonder, woe, goodness, evil, blessings, obstacles? In words of "The Swan:" what is my awkwardness, my clumsiness? How does giving from a lack or from a wound affect the receiver?
  • To whom does my heart go out? To what people am I called?
  • Do we ever eliminate fear or doubt?

Blessings of mist and moon; shadow and light; questions and doubts; giving and receiving,
Mary Ann