Whoever deeply searches out the truth

Whoever deeply searches out the truth and will not be deceived by paths untrue, shall turn unto himself his inward gaze, shall bring his wandering thoughts in circle home and teach his heart that what it seeks abroad, it holds in its own treasure chests within.

We are at liberty to be about truth or untruth

We are at liberty to be real or unreal, to be about truth or untruth. We really do have a choice. We are talking here about a felt knowledge, inner awareness, knowings that come out of the quiet, from a deep place within. Our truth is just ours. And we believe it is wise to be leery of anyone who [claims] to hold ALL truth -- even organizations, ministries, and leaders whose values we admire. A part of the journey into freedom is examining the truths upon which we have built our lives and discovering that we have choices about who we follow, where we put our time and money. And our choices, our truths, make us who we are.

You have a spiritual malbox

An image to ponder: You have a spiritual mailbox and perhaps have been unable to live your truth. Each time this occurs, the number on your mailbox changes, causing the spiritual blessings addressed to you to be undeliverable. God does not reroute blessings if you are the cause of the interference. However, if you remain true to yourself, the heavens can find you even if the outer world seems not to approve of who you are. Always choose to be truthful in the highest sense — and you will find that goodness and inner beauty will accompany you along the way.

To speak the truth through our words

To speak the truth through our words and through our lives is the obligation that authenticates spirituality in us humans. Spirituality is mysterious, but this we do know: spirituality is the way wherein we will experience vitality, truth, and transformation.

The great ocean of truth

I seem to have been only like a child playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.

Silence and truth

Silence is a kind of stillness, a place of retreat into which we may enter and, having entered, may know the Truth.

True integrity grows from awareness

True integrity grows from an awareness that we can stand in the honest light of God's unconditional love and be seen in our truth. Integrity, like a muscle, needs to be worked and stretched. As we sit in the center of integrity, our heart and God's heart beat as one. The transparent light of truth filters through, embracing every cell of our being, and we are able to see and speak more clearly. Then, little by little, as the layers of lies and pretending are stripped aside, a genuine simplicity remains. Freed of grandiosity and illusion, we stand radiant and unencumbered in truth as we claim our own voice with which we dare speak our truth and live with integrity.