Woman Prayers

I take this step into the day you have given

O Great, Holy Spirit, I take this step into the day you have given...I hold all those I will meet today, in my journeying and in my work. I try to walk gently on this earth. Let me walk gently through the lives of my work companions and friends. Though they make way for my passing, may they spring back, neither broken nor bruised.
~ from the Plains tribes, "The Way of Three Steps", recorded by Jose Hobday in WOMAN PRAYERS by Mary Ford-Grabowsky

The music of our souls

May the music of our souls
Be accompanied by grand gestures
And the persistent clapping of hummingbird’s wings.

~ from a prayer by Lisa Colt in WOMAN PRAYERS

Hosts of warbling sparrows keep repeating Your name

My Lord,
Lord of the mountain grove,
At dawn
Hosts of warbling sparrows
Sing a song.
They keep repeating
Your name.

~ Andal, India, 8th c. from WOMAN PRAYERS
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