Get to your your fear

"Sit quietly and contemplate," said the Lama. "Get to know your anger, your fear, all your emotions. Dissect them and speak with them. Accept yourself and know every part of your own being. To understand oneself is to have compassion for everything."

Love. Compassion. I must practice.

The little orphan and I walked down the mountain to the city to buy shoes. She slipped out of her small rubber sandals into a new pair, carefully counted 45 rupees (less than one US dollar) into the shopkeeper's hand, and walked away.

"Wait! " I called, as I reached for the discarded shoes. "You've forgotten your old sandals. "

She glanced back at me, "No, leave them," she firmly replied. "I only need one pair. Leave them for someone who has none. "

Love. Compassion.

I must practice.