At death the soul witnesses an incredible energy release

At death, the soul witnesses an incredible energy release of that which was only on loan, and an even more wonderful homecoming of all that has been given you by the Creator. That which is commanded by your love is yours to hold forever. All who have shared your love will remain in union with you. That is the ultimate harvest. 

The soul is the totality of your love

The soul is the totality of your love, awareness, experience, ability, memory, emotions, and potential which compromise your immortality. Your mind is the recorder and administrator. In this capacity the mind is a useful and important asset to your existence. But it was never built to be the commander. At the center of your soul is the Sacred Heart. This is the point at which you are one with God... Your heart is centered in a viewpoint of infinity established by your Creator. Thus, the heart honors your individuality, the oneness of God, and the integrated unity of all that is



Love is WHO you are

Love is your immortal name, the essence of true beingness. Love is not something you do or don't do, give or don't give, receive or don't receive. In other words it is not a commodity, not a derivative substance. Love is not something that is subject to the laws of abundance or scarcity. Love is WHO you are.