Hope is for fullness, for completion

The hope is for fullness, for completion,
for being one with each other . . .
Our entire lives are a vigil, a keeping watch,
for the fulfillment of this hope.

Gardens are spaces of inhabiting

Gardens are spaces of inhabiting in which we are entrusted with the very continuity of life itself. Our job is not to oversee or control, but to plant, prune, water, feed and encourage growth. We either make of the garden a verdant refreshing oasis or a desert, stripped of nutrients and barren of new life.

Peacemaking is a call that has been discerned when our garden's ripeness shows that we have learned that we inhabit one great garden, our earth, when we have learned that we are but one interwoven fabric of created life charged with mutual and tender cultivation by the One who gave and gives us life.