Rod McIver

Life is about finding the beauty inside oneself, and offering it to the world

I believe that life is about finding the beauty inside oneself, and offering it to the world. I want to live a simple life of integrity and beauty; to live and work from the stillpoint, from the silence. I seek peace with myself, I want to be a person of thought rather than words. More than anything else, I am being asked to walk with slowness, thoughtfulness. Slowness invites an awareness of beauty.

~ from "Heron Dance," Issue 34, Rod McIver, artist

The journey toward our beauty

The journey toward our beauty is a magnificent struggle. Achieving an integrity between what we believe and how we live is a challenge worthy of the gift of life. A thousand obstacles stand between ourselves and the honoring of our truth. A thousand distractions. (A thousand ego-generated delusions). To dive down, find the beauty, nurture it and offer it to the world is magnificent. Staying with your beauty, your truth, your integrity is difficult, but out of these things comes meaning, and meaning is all-transcendent.
~ from JOURNAL NOTES by Rod McIver ... "Heron Dance" #19

Peace depends on slowness

I crave peace. Peace depends on a slowness. Peace depends on acceptance of other people's processes and perception of truth. Peace depends on reverence and awe for this incredible blue/green planet we have somehow lucked into. Peace depends on a faith that there really is Something Larger going on here, and that rushing and anger are irrelevant to that larger process, what ever it, or It, may be. I am slowly beginning to live this peace, but in so many ways, I am a slow learner.

~ Rod McIver, editor of "Heron Dance"
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