Nancy Wood

Listening to silence is hardest of all

Listen to old stones for information about survival. What a seashell has to say will surprise you. So, too, will words written on the wind. Listening to silence is hardest of all. You want to fill it up with conversation ... distractions ... noise. Resist the impulse. In silence, you can dream great dreams. You can discover your own music. Listening means hearing the voice within you. It never fails to tell you the truth, even if you don't want to hear it.

~ from DANCING MOONS by Nancy Wood

Solitude brings the clarity of still waters

May you
Learn to be at home with yourself without a hand to hold.
Learn to endure isolation with only starts for friends.


Happiness comes from understanding unity.
Love arrives on the footprints of your fear.
Beauty arrives from ashes of despair.
Solitude brings the clarity of still waters.
Wisdom completes the circle of your dreams.

~ from SPIRIT WALKER by Nancy Wood

I keep moving toward a distant light

The rock strengthens me.
The river rushing through me
That I keep moving toward
A distant light
A quiet place
Where I can be
And in rhythm with
The song of summer
That you have given me.

~ from MANY WINTERS by Nancy Wood and Frank Howell with thanks to Paula Davis
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