Louise Danielle Palmer

Hope is based on relationships

Above all, hope is based on relationships, on a collaborative connection with people as well as a higher power.

~ Louise Danielle Palmer

There is a sensuality to nature as well as an asceticism

There is a sensuality to nature as well as an asceticism; there are teachings on birth and death. Nature is nurturing, education, challenging ... a profound place of presence, of passivity and activity, giving and receiving. Pure contemplation is a direct route to God, and nature can provide an extraordinary context where that graced moment of being Unified can happen.

We create gardens because we are called to be co-creators with the Great Architect, designers of places to fulfill the human quest for wholeness and well-being.... Here in the garden the small voice of God can be heard as we stop to listen.

~ from "A Quiet Garden" by Louise Danielle Palmer
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