Gunilla Norris

Through silence our days are illumined

In silence we discover ourselves, our actual presence to the life in us and around us. When we are present, deeply attentive, we cannot be busy controlling. Instead we become beholders -- giving ourselves up to the mystery of things. We become more willing to let things be. And, as a consequence we can also let ourselves be.

Through silence our days are illumined -- like rooms filled with light -- so we may inhabit our lives.

~ ~ from SHARING SILENCE by Gunilla Norris

Our homes can become sacred places

I want to remind myself and others that our homes can become sacred places, filled with life and meaning.

~ Gunilla Norris

Silence is our deepest nature

Silence is our deepest nature,
our home, our common ground,
our peace.
Silence reveals.
Silence heals.

~ from SHARING SILENCE by Gunilla Norris

Summer is already growing like a seed in the depth of winter

We each possess a deeper level of being ...
which loves paradox. It knows that summer is already
growing like a seed in the depth of winter. It know
that the moment we are born, we begin to die. It knows
that all of life shimmers, in shades of becoming
--that shadow and light are always together,
the visible mingled with the invisible.
When we sit in the stillness we are profoundly active.
Keeping silent, we can hear the roar of existence.
Through our willingness to be the one we are,
we become one with everything.

~ from SHARING SILENCE by Gunilla Norris

The One who gives

In sharing, the meaning of our lives
is given back to God:
The One who gives
The One who receives
The One who is.

~ Gunilla Norris

Dear Companion of my day

Dear Companion of my day, You are the Holy Mystery I surrender to when I close my eyes. I give You myself, my flaws, the mistakes, the petty self-congratulations. I give You my dear ones: my fondest hopes for them, my worries, and my dark thoughts regarding them. Take my well-constructed separation from me. Hold me in Your truth.

This day is already past. I surrender it. When I think about tomorrow, I surrender it too. Keep me this night. With You and in You I can trust not knowing anything. I can trust incompleteness as a way. Dark with the darkness, silent with the silence, help me dare to be that empty one -- futureless, desireless -- who breathes Your name even in sleep.

~ from Gunilla Norris in CHANGING LIGHT by J. Ruth Gendler thanks to Gay Grissom

The magpie mind chatters

Somehow, I must sit to listen.
Standing implies a readiness for action, for the executing of the will.
To hear You I must sit down and calm down.

The magpie mind chatters.
It doesn't know about stopping.
How helpless I feel in its automatic firing, its busy babbling.
It is impossible to hear You as long as I am full of sound.
I turn this helpless prayer toward You.
... slowly unknowing everything, becoming dark,
becoming yielding ... just sitting.

~ from BEING HOME by Gunilla Norris with thanks to Marjorie Michael
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