The very act of giving thanks

The very act of giving thanks
Draws the best out of you,
Helps to keep your heart and mind open;
Helps to keep your awareness expanding.
The more blessings you count,
The more they increase.

Truth is like a many sided diamond

Seek within and you will find the answer. Truth is like a many sided diamond: every side belongs to the whole but it all depends where you are as to just how you view it. Every soul views Truth from different angles. There is a time along the pathway of every soul when it has to stand alone and find the I Am within without help or guidance or support from any one else.

When you take a dirty floor

When you take a dirty floor ... and make it spotlessly clean, and this polish it until it shines, it radiates back to you the love which you poured into it; the divinity of that floor has been drawn forth.

Love is something which IS

Love is something which IS. Not having to be talked about, it expresses itself in your life as naturally as breathing. Reflecting itself in your being and attitude, it is the real you. Love is the Beloved within you. Love is absolutely free. It can never be boxed up, for that is not divine love; that is human possessive love which cannot withstand the stresses and strains in life. Divine love is limitless and able to withstand anything. The little self and its reactions are pushed out of the way when divine love flows freely in and through a soul. With pure love in your heart you can go anywhere, face anyone, for you have within you the strength of God's divine love.