The illness of being two-hearted

Sometimes in the busy world one develops what we call the illness of being two-hearted... It is where you want to do and have the ability to do but you don't do, and you argue with yourself about it. Good to be of one mind, one heart, and to see the ifs, ands, buts, and possibilities only as thoughts, without attachment, keeping clear your goal of being all that you can be, understanding the Mystery, seeing the truth as it is. To see the essence of what is, to perceive the harmony and live it, is to accomplish the "good life."

In finding peace

In finding peace and recognizing the light in yourself, we say there's a hearth in your heart where the Creator has given you something very sacred, a special gift, a special duty, an understanding. And now is the time for us to clean out those hearths, to let that inner light glow.

Caretaking the garden

In the traditional way of life gardens were a ceremonial event for all, an opportunity to give to the Earth as well as to receive. The seeds of good food are also the seeds of good relationship, so caretaking the garden is symbolic of caretaking all beings ... an offering to all.

Coming to peace in ourselves

Each of us contributes to tomorrow by our thoughts, word and deed. Coming to peace in ourselves, forgiving our relatives and ourselves for what should have been, what could have been, and accepting who we are -- this is a primary step upon the Beauty Path. Casting our patterns of attachment and expectation enables us to act in the now. Once we make that step, we ever walk in the way of beauty.

To see our work as prayer

To see our work as prayer and an opportunity to bring forth a flash of truth is a great gift. To know that even the busy world is a holy world is quite a change of heart.