"Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?"

In this season of celebration, may angelic blessings be yours, dear friends. Living with an awareness of their companioning presence, even if only with trust to begin with, we come to realize angelic joy is working with us, surprising us, and reminding us that we are loved beyond measure. Limit not the myriad ways your angelic companions may knock on the door of your heart. Spending time in the Silence draws them nigh. And you might ask, "When was the last time I thanked my angels?"

To study angels is to shed light on ourselves, especially those aspects of ourselves that have been put down in our secularized civilizations, our secularized educational systems, and even our secularized worship system. By secularization, I mean anything that sucks the awe out of things.

~ from THE PHYSICS OF ANGELS by Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox The Physics Of Angels angels

Life always begins again.
The Angel of Earth embraces the seed
And gives unto it Life.
The kiss of the Angel of Water
Awakens the seed.
The warmth of the Angel of Sun
Makes the seed grow.
The little plant bends in the breeze–
The Angel of Air makes it grow strong.
The little plant is holy.
It bathes in the Lifestream
Of Eternal Order.

~ from Thanksgiving Psalms of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Thanksgiving Psalms, Dead Sea Scrolls angels

Loving angels everywhere
in smiles we give ... in words we share
in gentle hearts of those who care.

~ Anonymous
Anonymous angels

I was walking in the open air on a beautiful spring morning. The wheat was growing green, the birds were singing, the dew was sparkling, the smoke rising; a transfiguring light lay over everything; this was only a tiny fragment of Earth – and yet the idea seemed to me not only beautiful, but also so true and obvious that she was an Angel – an Angel so sumptuous, so fresh, so like a flower and at the same time so firm and so composed, who was moving through the sky.

~ Gustav Fechner
Gustav Fechner angels

As humans we respond to symbols. We express divine Beauty and insight in our art. If there is a preponderance of art depicting angels with wings, obviously this symbolizes something real within the collective consciousness. Angels appear to humans according to human capacity to accept and understand the appearance. The angels inspire, and that is what is left in our heart after an angel experience.

~ from THE ANGEL EXPERIENCE by Terry L. Taylor
Terry L. Taylor The Angel Experience angels Buy on Amazon

Make yourself familiar with the angels
and behold them frequently in spirit,
for without being seen, they are present
with you.

~ Francis de Sales
Francis de Sales angels

Amy tightened an arm around his neck and announced in a loud voice, "I was with them big angels, and they runned in front of me and left me and I gotted lost!"

"So it occurs to me," the preacher said, "that many of us may be leaving small angels behind. Are we neglecting to help those who would benefit from our love? ... Just a thought," he said, smiling.

~ from A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW by Jan Karon
Jan Karon A Light In The Window angels Buy on Amazon

Blessed are You, Who understood my tears,
You comfort me with love's embrace.
Though my eyes cannot see You,
I feel your gentle Presence,
like angel wings lifting my spirit.

You turn my mourning into joy,
I dance to a new song.
Blessed are You, O loving companion
of my heart.

Nan Merrill Meditations And Mandalas angels Buy on Amazon

resounding from
a starry night so long
ago, carry angels song, still

~ Priscilla White
Priscilla White angels

Angels in our midst
seen now
through diaphanous veil.

~ Anonymous
Anonymous angels

The divine angelic hierarchy is more than a collection of celestial beings; they are both inner and outer states of consciousness, constantly presenting an opportunity to us for our divine awakening. Now, more than ever, is the awareness dawning within the hearts and minds of people everywhere that the Divine is a part of our spiritual ancestry. The souls of the earth are awakening from a long spirited sleep to a great mystery – that we are part and parcel of the great angels of light and love. This is the reality which is unfolding before us like a flower, right now in our world and in our lives.

~ Robert J. Grant
Robert J. Grant angels

Anna was too filled with joy and wonder to sleep. This was the night for which her soul had prepared her these many years. She heard the celestial music of the saints and the rustle of angel wings. Love had chosen her for this wondrous experience, so she was unafraid. The time was close now, for she smelled the fragrance of roses around her. "Oh, blessed angels, I love my God with all my being."

~ from ANNA: WOMAN OF MIRACLES by C. Haenni and V. Vick
C. Haenni and V. Vick Anna: Woman Of Miracles angels Buy on Amazon

... walking and talking with an angel is really fundamentally no different from walking and talking with an ordinary human being. Both the angel and the person are expressions of the ultimate mystery; both are emanations of the Beloved ... There is only one sacredness and we all have it.

~ David Spangler
David Spangler angels

Every blade of grass has its Angel
that bends over it and whispers,
"Grow, grow."

~ The Talmud
The Talmud angels

Angels accompany us in all we do throughout our life . . Be mindful of their gifts.

~ Anonymous
Anonymous angels

No sooner had I fallen asleep than I saw standing a maiden dressed in a long white gown and modestly girded. On her head, in hooded fashion, was a white scarf which was so thin and transparent that through it I could see her face, which shone with heavenly beauty. She stood before me, tender, affectionate and loving, and although with downcast eyes, she would at times humbly and kindly look at me. With such a vision, I awoke.

My attraction to her was not sensuous, but somehow pure, devoted and unutterably comforting, since my soul sensed that this was not an earthly maiden, but some heavenly being, the very embodiment of purity and charity.

~ from ELDER ZOSIMA by Very Verbovsky
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