Case for the angels to rejoice

In everything we do, in every aspect of our lives, in our thinking and our feelings, all areas, we need to infuse those areas with the Light of God. If we do that, we will experience a wonderful sense of joy. This quality is valued by the angels because it is so very special when humanity uses its free will to replace the energy of darkness with the Light of God, especially out of love. Each time a person does this in his or her own life, it is cause for the angels to rejoice.

~ from A MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY by K. Martin-Kuri

To love for the sake of loving

To love for the sake of being loved is human,
yet to love for the sake of loving is angelic.

~ Alphonse de LaMartine

The Angels keep their ancient places

The Angels keep their ancient places
Turn but a stone and start a wing!
'Tis ye, 'tis ye, your estranged faces
That miss the many-splendored thing.

~ Francis Thompson

Make friends with the angels

Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Invoke them often and trust in their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.

~ St. Francis de Sales

Our guardian angels

Our guardian angels will be present during the time when our souls will exit this world and abandon the material body. They will be there at the moment to offer us solace and support during that transition and then help us adjust to the realms of the spirits when our soul will be directed toward God. It will be at that point that the soul will become conscious of its eternal condition.

~ from THE MOUNTAIN OF SILENCE by K. C. Markides

The escorting angel

According to a Talmudic legend, an angel escorts the soul from its abode in heaven into the tomb and there unites it to the embryo. The angel tutors the new being in the mysteries of the world, transporting it to heaven and darkness to see the heights and depths of creation, revealing to it the ways of beauty, truth, and goodness, disclosing the potential of its future life on earth, even to the time and place of death. As the child matures within the womb, it ponders the wonders it has seen. Then, at the instant of birth, the angel touches the child on the mouth, erasing all memory of these marvelous revelations.

~ in GIFTS OF THE SPIRT by P. Zaleski and P. Kaufman

When the angels kiss our minds

When the angels touch our hearts and "kiss our minds," We are forever changed. Our wonder in being human comes back strong with angelic guidance. The magic of nature, the mythic quality of being human, the pain of the soul, the soaring of the spirit, the beauty of compassion, and the grace of reverence all come together, weaving life into a meaningful experience.


Glimmers of the angel dancing within

Her 1ife, which had been a series of pious works, had cloaked her in a kind of transparent whiteness. And in growing old she had acquired a kind of beauty of goodness. What had been thinness in her youth, was in her maturity a transparency, and this ethereal quality permitted glimmers of the angel dancing within.

Les Miserables
By Victor Hugo

To help us, advise us, inspire us, amaze us

What remain constant in every account of angels, from ancient days to the present, is that they are both messengers and companions to humans, sent from a realm beyond usual seeing. Angels appear, and in one way or another, help us, advise us, inspire us, or amaze us.

~ from ANGELS by Armand Eisen
Angels (Miniature)
By Armand Eisen

Who is an angel?

 Everyone entrusted with a mission is an angel.

~ Anonymous
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