Simple and humble, a Child

I sought of old the womb of a woman so that I might become a human being. Now I seek a soul by means of which I can bring my love to all people. I will take your poverty and I will fill it to the limit. Believe. Love. Trust. Let yourself be carried by my waves, by my winds. You will find me again in your soul, simple and humble, a Child.

~ Catherine Doherty

The miracle of the holy night

The divine life enkindled in the soul is the Light that has come into the darkness; it is the miracle of the holy night.

~ Edith Stein

The child of God is forever being born

The new or divine begetting is just as real as the first begetting in the mother's womb. The child of God is forever being born.

~ from AGAPE IN THE NEW TESTAMENT by Ceslaus Spieg

I am your reed

I am your reed, sweet shepherd, glad to be.
Now, if you will, breathe out your joy in me
And make bright song.
Or fill me with the soft moan of your love
When your delight has failed to call or move
The flock from wrong.

Make children's songs, or any songs, to fill
Your reed with breath of life;
But at your will, lay down the flute,
And take repose, while music infinite
Is silence in your heart; and laid on it
Your reed is mute.

~ "The Reed of God" by Caryll Houselander

Gone into orbit round God

When you reach the state of contemplation, live contemplation, you are finally at peace, like a child on its mother's breast: "My soul is tranquil and quiet like a child in its mother's arms." (Psalm 131:2)

Magnetized by God's love, the rocket of your soul, like an astronaut's space-craft, has broken the sound-barrier (no longer needs a lot of words to explain itself), snapped the thread of gravity which held it down to itself (No longer needs meditation) and gone into orbit like a tiny planet around God's sun.

The first proof that you have gone into orbit round God is that you no longer feel that you are the centre of the universe -- which is the real nature of sin -- but feel and vividly understand that God is the centre of everything. This might seem easy, but ... how much effort goes into reaching this understanding!

~ from LOVE IS FOR LIVING by Carlo Carretto
Love is for living
By Carlo Carretto


Peace: Where peiace setls, Love coms.

~ Rachel, age 7

December 1991 (Vol. IV, No. 11)

BLESSINGS to all Friends of Silence this holyday season! ... a time for re-connecting to the Child within that leads us to our gifts ... our creativity ... our inner being where innocence, compassion and spontaneity dwell.

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