Wisdom School Scholarship Application Form

We are committed to making Wisdom Schools available to all regardless of financial capabilities. The retreat fees reflect our true costs. Friends of Silence Retreat Ministry sponsors Wisdom Schools at Claymont and operates primarily on a volunteer basis, and the retreat fee is set to cover our real expenses for food, lodging, materials, and program costs.

We encourage each applicant to seek financial assistance from their own circle of friends, their place of soulful work, their community, and other funding sources that might be available.

For those still requiring financial assistance in order to participate, we encourage you to be in dialogue with us about how we can help out. We have established a scholarship fund, and may be able to offer a limited number of scholarships covering up to one half of the retreat fee.

Please answer the following questions to assist our process. Also feel free to call Bob Sabath about your situation. She can be reached at 202-531-7572 or via email at bob.sabath@gmail.com.