Without great solitudw

Without great solitude no serious work is possible.
~ Pablo Picasso

September 1996 (Vol. IX, no. 8)

BLESSINGS, friends, as we anticipate the beginning of the autumn season ... an approprate time to pause in the Silence ans ask: "How am I endeavoring to spiritualize my work? Does my work reflet the deepest aspirations of my heart?"

Life work

"Life work" means that to which one will devote one's energies. It is the world of the soul, as well as the material work done in the visible world. These categories of tasks are not separate: they are not inimical to one another any more than sweeping the temple, washing the vestments, or cleaning and arranging the altar are inimical to the act of prayer. On the contrary, these tasks are prayer. They are the work of the soul in that they provide a suitable atmosphere for the cultivation of a contemplative and receptive attitude.


Learning how to put your gifts and your power to work

Learning how to put your gifts and your power to work in the most positive manner is what it is all about right now. Many people are just existing, until one day they wake up and find out who they are... We are here on Earth because this is where people have all the possibilities for growing to their fullest potential. As you awaken to another level of consciousness, you will be able to reach out and be a beneficial presence to other people.

~ from BLACK DAWN, BRIGHT DAY by Sun Bear


It is within my power either to serve God, or not to serve. Serving, I add to my own good and the good of the whole world. Not serving, I forfeit my own good and deprive the world of that good, which was in my power to create.

~ Leo Tolstoy

You must step back

This is the secret. You must step back, separate yourself from your everyday thoughts and habitual gestures: look at them. It is patient work, like the work of the watchmaker who observes the spirals and gears under the lens, cleans and calibrates. The secret is to retreat deep into oneself until one encounters an almost imperceptible vibration, which then becomes more and more evident, a silent, separate, calm vibration. Those who anchor themselves in this possess serenity all day long.

~ from THE ENTRONAUTS by Piero Scanziani

The more we receive

The more we receive in silent prayer, the more we can give in our active life.

~ Mother Teresa

Beginning work with consecration

In an Indian village everything is related to the sacred and nothing is done without some sacrifice... If we are building a house, a hermitage or any other building, the craftsmen will come along and the first thing they will do is choose an auspicious day and hour. When the time comes for work to begin, they are all there for the blessing, ready to consecrate their work. They will not begin any work without that. When the work is coming to its fulfillment, ... there is another blessing because we can neither begin nor complete our work without God... The builder also relates to the cosmos. Building is a total act and therefore, it is totally consecrated.

~ from RIVER OF COMPASSION by Bede Griffiths

There are some things that require no work

There are some things that require no work... You don't have to work to achieve a silent mind; you don't have to work to find the old wounds. All these things are a given, once they are uncovered. The uncovering begins wherever you are now, but its goal is always the same -- the revelation of wholeness that unites body, mind and Spirit as one.

~ from JOURNEY INTO HEALING by Deepak Chopra

Our work is the love of God

Our work is the love of God. Our satisfaction lies in submission to the Divine Embrace.
~ Ruysbroeck
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