Your mission on earth is not complete

If your still alive your mission on earth is not yet complete. People are happiest when they are so completely engrossed in an activity that they lose track of time and go into what is called a flow state. For this to occur, the activity must be reasonably challenging, neither too easy or too hard. It must be something that is of value to others, and it must be something that you love, that you can be passionate about. Your passion for your work will get you out of bed and into the workplace' even when you don't really feel like it, even when you are discouraged about your progress.

~ Deborah G. Whitehouse in "Unity Magazine"

Work is more than work

Work is more than work. Work is a way of creating and contributing; It is giving to the world; it is sacramental, because It is serving. It is a yielding up and a showing, WHATEVER it is you did — The best-made bed, the best-written book, the best piece of pottery you had within you. It is good for the psyche and good for the soul.

~ Peggy Noonan

When a person's words and inner self finally match

The saints were not people with the greatest education or even the largest results. But they did have a couple traits in common which were almost invisible: ehat they SAID correlated almost one hundred percent with what they WERE and what they DID. An amazing and invisible power may be released when a person's words and inner self finally match.

~ Keith Miller

My share in the world

Every person has a share in this world and a share in the world to come. We understand the concept of a share in the world to come, but what does it mean having a share in this world? Open your hearts. Having a share in this world means I know exactly what I have to do in this world. This is a very high level. If I know that if I don't do it, it just won't happen. Then I've just got to do it. This is my share in this world.

~ in HOLY BROTHER by Y. H. Mandelbaum

September 1999 (Vol. XII, No. 8)

May your entrance into this autumn season reap a cornucopia of BLESSINGS as you work, rest, pray, and pause for times in the silence, dear friends!

Let the neglected presence of your soul come to meet you again

Many people who are secretly weary of work have never given themselves time, or taken time out or away from work, to allow their spirits to catch up. Giving yourself plenty of time is a simple but vital reflective exercise:

Leave all agendas behind you. Let the neglected presence of your soul come to meet and engage you again. It can be a lovely reacquaintance with your forgotten mystery.

~ from ANAM CARA by John O'Donohue

Even if your current job does not reflect your dreams

Even if your current job does not reflect your dreams and ultimate direction, you can find ways of expressing more of your special qualities while you are looking for your next step forward. If you are committed to expressing your spiritual purpose through your day-to-day activities, then your work will automatically become more satisfying. Think about your current position in life and ask yourself:

How can I best serve others and my own higher purpose through my work? How can my current work become more fulfilling? How can I bring more healing into the world?

~ David Lawson

Works that touch the Divine

I believe that works that touch the Divine or teach us or are still with us centuries after their creation are the ones that did not come out of a place of power or control or techniques, but came at the moment when the heart let go and God answered the question.

~ Paula Matthew

The artist must be obedient to the work

The work comes to the artist and says, "Here I am, serve me." The artist must be obedient to the work.

~ Madeleine L'Engle

Work is central to the soul's OPUS

Most of us put a great deal of times into work, not only because we have to work so many hours to make a living, but because work is central to the soul's OPUS. We are crafting ourselves -- individuating. Work is fundamental to the OPUS because the whole point of life is the fabrication of the soul.

~ from CARE OF THE SOUL by Thomas Moore
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