Compassion action balanced by wisdom

Compassionate action -- balanced by wisdom -- is a very important component of spiritual life. It opens our heart and puts us in touch with the happiness that illuminates existence and gives us the strength and courage to continue on the path.

~ Georg Feuerstein

In Wisdom we ask for guidance

In Wisdom, we ask for guidance.
In Love, we ask for inclusion.
In Faith, we ask for space in our
hearts and minds to welcome renewal.

~ in "Contemporary Spirituality" - Fall 1996

Messages for your soul

Study the silence of the wise ones,
there you will find messages
for your soul.

~ Anonymous

Compost for the field of wisdom

Suffering is compost for the field of wisdom.

~ Anonymous

Accepting the journey we've been handed

When we are able to trust our calling and accept the journey we've been handed, we trust in a wisdom beyond our comprehension, remembering that no matter what happens, we are part of sacred creation.

~ Charlotte Sophia Kasl

The acquirement of spiritual wisdom does not necessarily prevent us from making worldly mistakes

The acquirement of spiritual wisdom does not necessarily prevent us from making worldly mistakes; but because it develops the qualities that will prevent them, and because it takes to heart the lessons of experience, humbly and receptively, it does reduce the frequency of those mistakes.

~ Paul Brunton

The wisdom of the heart

When we are endowed with the Wisdom of the heart, but do not have access to knowledge, we are ignorant. Then we only believe what we see, or what has been proven to our satisfaction. Since it does not occur to us that we may be endowed with supernal wisdom, we do not open ourselves to the mystery of the Spirit that invisibly permeates the created world. So long as we limit our explorations and activities to the visible world as though that were all that existed, we must remain blind to the transcendent beauty of the eternal world.

~ from A BOOK OF HOURS by June Singer

The alternative wisdom of Love

What is the way that leads to life? The narrow way, the way less traveled, the alternative wisdom of Love. It has two closely related dimensions. First, it is an invitation to see God as gracious and womblike rather than as the source and enforcer of the requirements, boundaries, and divisions of conventional wisdom to a life that is more and more centered in God. The alternative wisdom of Love sees the religious life as a deepening relationship with the Spirit of God, not as a life of requirements and reward.


Ecstasy results from the wisdom of emptiness

Ecstasy results from the wisdom of emptiness, of seeing the impermanent, insubstantial nature of all phenomena, where there is no clinging, no attachment, and no fear. In this experience, we become one with the unfolding process of life. This oneness is quite subtle, because it is the oneness of becoming zero.

~ Joseph Goldstein
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