Wisdom is uncovered by being present to the essence of your whole experience

Wisdom means "to see" or "to know".  It does not mean knowing facts or having an opinion.  Wisdom is uncovered by being present enough to perceive the essence of your whole experience.  This wisdom will help you attend to what matters in your life and understand the meaning of your life's changes.  The practice of moment-to-moment PRESENCE is key.  Seeing essence; knowing wholeness.

~ from POETIC MEDICINE by John Fox

Wisdom consists in doing the next thing with your whole heart

Wisdom consists in doing the next thing you have to do, doing it with your whole heart and finding delight in doing it.  And the DELIGHT is the sense of the sacred.

~ by Helen Luke

July/August 2004 (Vol. XVII, No. 7)

May you be blessed abundantly this summer season, dear friends! May you open your hearts to nurture your soul in silence each day; for WISDOM flows from the Heart of Divine Love to all who are receptive ... and the world is sorely in need of more Wisdom.

The Spirit of Wisdom is showing herself

Little by little, from a deep level, the Spirit of Wisdom is showing herself.  Sophia dwells in the hearts of those who seek new dreams and hope for a more wholesome world: the Dorothy Days, the Martin Luther Kings, the Archbishop Romeros ... [there are so many  now!].  Sophia rejoices in the visionaries and the peace-makers.  She fills them.  In a world which is hungry, tired and seeking, God's presence is shown in Sophia through people who are to experience, in our insecure world, God's wholesome vision and dream for the human race, born of both the masculine and the feminine Holy Energies.

~ from a warm moist salty God by Edwina Gateley

October 1998 (Vol. XI, No. 9)

My the BLESSING OF WISDOM be yours, dear friends! Within and out of the silence, may you grown in wisdom, may wisdom grace you with truth and clarity, and guide you on your way.

Holy Wisdom's Almighty power

Holy Wisdom's "Almighty power" ... is the liberating power of connectedness that is effective in compassionate love. With moral indignation, concern for broken creation, and a sympathy calling for justice, the power of God's compassionate love enters the pain of the world to transform it from within. The victory is not on the model of conquering heroism but of active, non-violent resistance as those who are afflicted are empowered to take up the cause of resistance, healing, and liberation for themselves and others.

~ from FINDING YOUR SELF by W. Norman Cooper
Finding Your Self,
By Norman W. Cooper, W. Norman Cooper

Bathing yourself with wisdom and love

Create each day anew by clothing yourself with heaven and earth, bathing yourself with wisdom and love, and placing yourself in the heart of mother nature.

~ Morihei Ueshiba

Drinking deeply from our inner cup of wisdom

Only in the oasis of silence can we drink deeply from our inner cup of wisdom.

~ Sue Patton Theole

Wisdom is change

Wisdom is change. Wisdom is both the process and the result of transformation. Wisdom creates, is in constant movement, bringing design to the universe... Wisdom is my commitment to life, my willingness to continue changing, developing, transforming. When I live my life and love the living, all of it -- the births and the deaths, the fullness and the loss -- I wring wisdom out of it. My life is distilled, and wisdom runs rich and strong, a fine essence, through every word and act.

~ from FINDING STONE by Christin Lore Weber

The old must live in the young

Elders and mentors have an irreplaceable function in the life of any community. Without them the young are lost -- their overflowing energies wasted in useless pursuits. The old must live in the young like a grounding force that tames the tendency toward bold but senseless actions and shows them the path of wisdom.

~ from OF WATER AND THE SPIRIT by Malidoma Some
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