Our relationship to time has become currupted

Our relationship to time has become corrupted because we allow ourselves very little experience of the TIMEless. We speak continuously of SAVING time, but time in it richness is most often lost to us when we are busy without relief. We speak of STEALING time as if it no longer belonged to us We speak of NEEDING time as if it wasn't around us already in every moment. We want to MAKE time for ourselves as if it were in our power to o so. Time is the conversation with absence and visitation, the frontier between ourselves and those we love; the hours become ripe with happening only when we are attentive, patient, and present. 

~ from CROSSING THE UNKNOWN SEA by David Whyte

September 1998 (Vol. XI, No. 8)

WISHING EACH OF YOU BLESSINGS, my friends, in this new autumn season of ripening and reaping the fruits of summer re-creation: a good time to awaken to the NOW moment, to be aware as nature prepares herself for yet another transformation. While in the silence, doing nothing, Autumn comes -- the leaves turn color and let go by themselves.

Time and space are the very music of God's harp

Time and space are the very music of God's harp, for each moment in time is empty of other moments, and each part of space is empty of other parts, so that we will not have to hear too much at once. That is why there are seasons.

~ Marty Cohen

Movement is time, but stillness is eternity

The tree of life, the axis mundi is the central point, the pole around which all revolves. The central point of the world is the point where stillness and movement are together. Movement is time, but stillness is eternity. Realizing how this moment of your life is actually a moment of eternity, and experiencing the eternal aspect of what you are doing in the temporal experience -- this is the mythological experience.

~ from THE POWER OF MYTH by Joseph Campbell

We are eternal beings living in a world of time

The tree of life is one's inner axis that grows from the depths of the earth and reaches to the heavens. It connects together the primal opposites of the temporal and the eternal. It is life lived from the "still center of the turning world" and it embraces the deepest human mystery: that we are eternal beings living in a world of time.

~ from THE CALL AND THE ECHO by Llewelyn Vaughan-Lee

What makes time into a spiral is setting aside time for reflection

I have learned to understand time and thought as a spiral: neither a straight line that must go always forward, even into a precipice, nor a circle that must remain forever stuck in repeating past experience. Instead, a spiral, which curves always backward in order to curve forward. What makes time and life into a spiral instead of a straight line or an endless circle is setting aside time for reflection, rest, renewal. That renewal time is the curve that moves the spiral onward. This lets us re-view where we have been, so that we can go forward.

~ from GODWRESTLING - ROUND 2 by Arthur Waskow

Each moment may be experienced as a new birth

Embrace the open moment, recognizing that each moment may be experienced as a new birth and as a spectacularly open time, when what we do can make a difference to whether the human race grows or dies.

~ from MANUAL FOR THE PEACEMAKER by Jean Houston

Ritual time can influence the past and summon destiny from the future

Time ... The ancient ones knew that there was a relationship between time and light. That light has no time. Nothing can travel at the speed of light but light itself. If we approach the speed of light, we must become light. When we become light -- a Child of the Sun -- then time is dissolved. We all know that our deeds today affect tomorrow, that our smallest gestures influence destiny, that the future of our species changes constantly with every action of every living thing on Earth. Time is polychronic AND monochronic -- it does not fly like an arrow only. It also turns. Like a wheel. (He traced a circle in the air with his fingertip.) When these two kinds of time intersect, that is sacred time, ritual time, when you can influence the past and summon destiny from the future.

~ from JOURNEY TO THE ISLAND OF THE SUN by Alberto Villoldo & Erik Jendresen


SILENCE is making-friends-with-time.
~ Nan Merrill

There is no future

There is no future in spending our present worrying about our past.

~ Ziggy
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