Intimate union with the Soul of the universe

Now is the time to seek intimate union with the Soul of the universe.

~ Anonymous

Oh when a soul is hid in Thee

Oh, when a soul is hid in Thee
For what adventure can it yearn
Save love and still more love to learn,
And thus to love increasingly,
So deep does love within it burn?
My God, I pray Thee for a love
That years until I see Thy face.
And builds itself a nest above
Within its true abiding place.

~ by St. Teresa of Avila

Fold your wings, my soul

Fold your wings, my soul,
those wings you had spread wide to soar
to the terrestrial peaks where light is
most ardent: it is for you to simply waith
the descent of the Fire —
supposing it to be willing to take possession of you.

~ by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

A hunger in their soul

Saints are not saints by chance, nor by choice, but by necessity — because there is a hunger in their soul which can not be satisfied by anything less than the divine.

~ from THE HUNGER OF THE SOUL by Nancy Pope Mayorga

Our culture has lost touch with the soul

Our culture has lost touch with the soul and with any way to meet it. It becomes more difficult all the time simply to be quiet: mobile phones, faxes, and e-mail make us more accessible to the intrusions of information. Being reflective may soon seem a radical act. Without being reflective, without entering into moments of silence, we cannot let the soul in. The soul's voice is a still, soft one, and we must be quiet if we are to hear it.

~ from A FIELD GUIDE TO THE SOUL by James Thornton

Soul of the living world

The Windforest is the giver and sustainer of the Rainforest's abundant life as well as the means by which the byproducts of living are universally shared. It is the conquerer of inanimate space and time, and it is the soul of the living world.

~ from WINDFOREST by Ellen Fremedon

The canary is like our soul

The canary began to sing again. The sun had struck it, and its throat and tiny breast had filled with son. Francis gazed at it for a long time, not speaking, his eyes dimmed with tears.

"The canary is like our soul. It sees bars around it, but instead of despairing it sings, and see: one day its song shall break the bars."

~ from SAINT FRANCIS by Nikos Kazantzakis

Education in soul

Education in soul leads to the enchantment of the world and the attunement of self ...

~ by Thomas Moore

Prescription for continued SOUL growth

A prescription for continued SOUL growth
SILENCE in large doses
BREATHING deeply and consiously throughout the day
LISTENING and ATUNING to the inner Voice of Love
GIVING THANKS always for all things
RESTING IN PRAYER regularly each day
STAYING CONNECTED to your guardian angel
SINGING your unique heart-song daily
LOVING the Mystery . . . TRUSTING the Process
ever SERVING in the Divine Plan!

~ Anonymous

July-August 2001 (Vol. XIV, No. 7)

BLESSED BE, dear friends! May you pause these summer days to bask in solitude and silence. They will refresh your soul! for, Love's sacred Spark is lit in the secret space of the soul, the innermost depths of silence, where the Divine Fire makes its hearth.

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