The necessary thing

The necessary thing is great, inner solitude.
What goes on inwardly is worthy of your love.

~ by Rainer Maria Rilke

If silence and solitude were vacancy

The secret strength of things,
Which governs thought, and to the infinite dome
Of heaven is a law, inhabits thee!
And what were thou, and earth, and stars, and sea,
If to the human mind's imaginings
Silence and solitude were vacancy?

~ from "Mont Blanc" by Percy B. Shelley

The point of passing time in solitude

The point of passing time in solitude is to strip yourself bare, to discover what is essential and true. When you are stripped down to this point, you see how little you amount to. But that little is what God is interested in.

~ from "The Music of Silence" by Phyllis Rose

Solitude is necessary for your emotional health

Solitude is necessary for your emotional health, whether you are living alone or with another. Solitude gives you the time and space to integrate your experience. And all growth depends on integration. Without solitude, spiritual nourishment will be lacking. If you want a single cause for the amount of distress in the world, it is the fact that people do not take time to commune with self, nature and the divine. A spiritual life — a life free of needless tension and self-created suffering — requires such communion.

~ from THE SILENCE OF THE HEART by Paul Ferrini

In solitude, the soul develops organs

Our homes will be very quiet at this time. But I have often found that the quieter my surroundings, the more vividly I sense my connection with you all. It's as if, in solitude, the soul develops organs of which we're hardly aware in everyday life.

~ from LOVE LETTERS FROM CELL 92 by Dietrich Bonhoeffer with thanks to Jane Storck

Until I have been lured into the desert

Until I have been lured into the desert, until I have been brought in solitude to the very ground of my being, where I am beyond the grip of my surface self with all its plans and distractions, I am not able to hear the divine whisper. It is then I discover at the heart of things that my solitariness is transcended and that I am not alone.

~ by Douglas Steere

Without silence there is no solitude

Without silence there is no solitude.
In solitude, you are open to loving service,
to abiding inner peace and joy.

~ Anonymous

Discover your true self

 Discover your true self in creative solitude.

~ Anonymous

Solitude is the empty space that we deliberately choose

Solitude is the empty space that we deliberately choose in order to be with the Beloved. In solitude we can savor this goodness and give ourselves space to really listen. It is when we are alone, uninterrupted, single-minded, and single-hearted, that some of the wonderful inner fruits come to the surface. If we want to learn how to grow spiritually, we will choose the discipline of solitude.

Our solitude helps us to "be" with God and gives meaning to our lives. It re-awakens us to the presence of God in every aspect of our lives.

~ from THE CUP OF OUR LIFE by Joyce Rupp

January 1997 (Vol. X, No. 1)

EVERY GOOD WISH to you, friends, in this new year as we begin the tenth year of this Friends of Silence newsletter. As we eah continue to take time in silence, our cumulative silences will bring blessing to family, friends and community -- even rippling out to the world.

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