When there is stillness in the motion of our days

When there is stillness in the motion of our days, life's mysteries are revealed.

~ Chinese adage

Solitude brings the clarity of still waters

May you
Learn to be at home with yourself without a hand to hold.
Learn to endure isolation with only starts for friends.


Happiness comes from understanding unity.
Love arrives on the footprints of your fear.
Beauty arrives from ashes of despair.
Solitude brings the clarity of still waters.
Wisdom completes the circle of your dreams.

~ from SPIRIT WALKER by Nancy Wood

July-August 1996 (Vol. IX, No. 7)

BLESSINGS be with you all through these summer days, friends! May we each take time in the Silence to value the gifts of one another ... time to nourish our own fragile places; we will, thus, encourage peace in our wounded world.

The beauty in Silence

KNOW your own inner peace and the beauty in Silence.
BE that peace and beauty you are.
~ Nan Merrill

God becomes in us

God longs for God
and uses us,
rises in us ...
becomes in us.
Let us rise simply.
a quiet dough.

~ from "The Second Rising" by Gunella Norris

God is the friend of silence

God is the friend of silence. See how Nature -- trees, flowers, and grass -- grow in stillness; how stars, moon, and sun run their course in silence. The more we receive through quiet prayer, the more we can give in the activity of our daily lives. In essence, it is not what WE say, but what GOD says in us and through us. All our words are useless if they do not come from within.

~ Mother Theresa

What a strange power there is in silence

What a strange power there is in silence. How many resolutions are formed, how many sublime conquests effected, during that pause when lips are closed and the soul secretly feels the eye of her Maker upon her.


At the heart of ministry is the Silence

At the heart of ministry is the Silence... Contemplating words or images or imaginings is at least one step removed from the direct experience of God. For as Alan Watts liked to say, "If you find a thousand names for God you will not have God, you will only have a list of names." To contemplate God rather than images about God one can only go humbly, empty of thought and self, into the presence of God -- into the Silence. It is out of the Silence that we love, act, speak if we do so with true spiritual integrity.

~ Paul W. Mikels

Silence is the sea which best bears up our prayers

Silence is the sea which best bears up our prayers. Silence creates possibility -- the possibility of hearing. What we learn to do in silence is to create within ourselves silence, to create within ourselves emptiness, to brush aside all words, all concepts, all feelings, all fantasies, all anxieties, all ambition -- gently to brush away all these things that seem so important -- to let them go and to empty ourselves so that if the word is spoken we may hear it, and if the song is sung, we may attend.

In silence we do not try to be anything or anyone ... we give up trying to be, and simply are -- we become being -- or, to put it another way, we must become nothing in order that we may once again become that which we truly are.

~ Carl Scovel with thanks to William Krusell

The blessing of presence

Corbett sat there, looking up at me. His tears had dried and his quiet smile said everything words could not. Words? We had come for his gift of words. There was so much we wanted to hear, so much he could tell us. But words were something irrelevant now. A deeper communication was taking place. He had given us the blessing of his presence, and no greater gift can be imagined.

~ from WISDOMKEEPERS by Leon Shenandoah
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