The act of inner attention

The act of inner attention seems to create a medieval walled garden. It is hedged about with silence and stillness, but silence and stillness are not the heart of it. At the center is a fountain and we see that everything has arranged itself around the water playing in the sunlight: here is the source of the timelessness that is everywhere apparent. The more deeply we enter, the more the fountain soars above; awe and wonder claim us.

It asks that we learn how to live, to make a particular path and fullness out of the spirit's eternity and silence.

~ from THE LIGHT INSIDE THE DARK by John Tarrant

January 2000 (Vol. XIII, No. 1)

DEEP BLESSINGS, dear friends, as we welcome in a new year, a new millennium! more then ever, our offering of SILENCE are needed as our hopes and dreams of a more peaceful and just world are birthe into reality around planet Earth.

Through silence our days are illumined

In silence we discover ourselves, our actual presence to the life in us and around us. When we are present, deeply attentive, we cannot be busy controlling. Instead we become beholders -- giving ourselves up to the mystery of things. We become more willing to let things be. And, as a consequence we can also let ourselves be.

Through silence our days are illumined -- like rooms filled with light -- so we may inhabit our lives.

~ ~ from SHARING SILENCE by Gunilla Norris

You are silence

You are silence. Silence unites us, while words divide us. Silence gathers us together, while words scatter us. Silence invites us to peace, while words stir us to wars. You are silence, simple silence, eloquent silence, active silence, contemplative silence. ... Help me to be eloquently silent -- exactly as You are.

~ ~ from BOLD PRAYERS FROM THE HEART by Jean Maalouf with thanks to Pat Prescott

The secret anniversaries of the heart

The holiest of all holidays are those
Kept by ourselves in silence and apart
The secret anniversaries of the heart.

~ ~ Wadsworth Longfellow

Silence is a thunder

Don't think that those who enter the silence of God are "silent". Nothing could be farther from the truth! Silence is a thunder! You will be able to hear it everywhere. Your nights and days will be filled with it. ...Many confuse silence with solitude. Solitude is being alone with God, waiting for God. But silence is an immense sea into which you enter and never leave. And once you have plunged into this silence, you will always be silent.

~ ~ from MOLCHANIE by Catherine de Hueck Doherty with thanks to Elizabeth Fribance

Silence is the medium of transcendence

It is only in silence and through silence that we can interiorize what is beyond our comprehension and apprehend the power of a design larger than ourselves: it is the medium of transcendence.

~ ~ from COMMUNITY OF LOVE by John Main

Listening to this dancing stillness

Silence, waiting, empty stillness: these are not achievements we accomplish but living forces beyond ourselves which we learn to flow with, surrender to. There is a River of Stillness, or Musical Silence, or Beautiful Darkness flowing through the heart of al beings which we enter into when we allow ourselves to rest in quiet, in silence, waiting. The contemplative way is to begin listening to this dancing stillness.

~ ~ "Stillness Dancing" by Br. Gregory with thanks to Susan Ray

Silence sensitizes

Spend time in solitude and silence. Solitude permits us to retreat from the press and struggle in order to let our fragmented and dispersed selves to become collected again. Silence goes hand in hand with solitude. Silence sensitizes, just as noise desensitizes.

~ from "Pray Without Ceasing" by E. Glenn Hinson
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